Wake Up, Work Out | A Pinterest Collaboration

You might or might not know I’m a huge fan of Pinterest… I recently shared my tips for making the most of the platform here on the blog, and to be honest, I took some of my own advice!

I started by curating a board to fit one of the upcoming themes and submitted it. I started to notice a peak in my monthly unique viewers (they went from approx 16k per month to 27k per month, which is updated daily) and when I investigated, my board – The Art of Good Sleep – is visible in the Discovery section on the homepage! Exciting!

The Art of Good Sleep Pinterest Collaboration

My First Brand Collaboration on Pinterest

Another thing that happened was this collaboration with 8fit. They wanted to create a workout to feature on a pin for their audience. Having never done a Pinterest collaboration I just asked for my photographers fees to be covered and nothing else. And this is the fruits of our labour…

wake up work out pin by keep it simpElle and 8fit

You can view the actual pin here (so then it links up correctly!) and check out the 8fit app too. If you try the workout let me know or share an image of your own where it says “Tried this Pin?”. Thank you very muchly if you do!

Did You Even Know About Communities?

One thing you have to give Pinterest credit for is innovation. They are never short of new ideas and ways to improve the platform. More recently they created Pinterest Communities. You might not have heard of them because you don’t get access until someone directly invites you! Once you join your first community, it’s added to your menu and you can find other ones to join as well as create your own. Here’s the invite link for the London Bloggers Community I created, or the general Pinterest Communities Community where you can keep up to date on the happenings! It’s hard to say if these will become popular but you got to be a part of it to know, right?!

I optimised my top posts for Pinterest

I went into my WordPress analytics and found the top 10 posts from the past few months. I added them to a task on Wunderlist and whenever I have five minutes, I create a pin-able image for it and add that to Pinterest. Already this has gained me some traffic and goes to show that if I did this consistently for every blog post, Pinterest could be the amazing traffic driver that everyone says it is!

The last little bits…

I updated my IFTTT recipes, as they used to be called. IFTTT is an automation platform so now it automatically pins my Instagram images to a board called ‘On Instagram’ and it pins my blog posts to a board when I publish them. This helps generate extra content for me and keeps my profile fresh and active. I’m also hoping it will help people discover both of those channels and become engaged!


Those are all my little nuggets I wanted to share with you today about Pinterest. If you have any questions, please drop me a comment below or reach out to me via the Contact page or my social channels…

How has Pinterest been working for you?!



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  1. November 19, 2018 / 16:59

    I’m not much of a Pinterest gal – although it’s great to know about these features! Thank you!

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