21 Days of Yoga – The Halfway Point

Thursday 16th January is just about halfway through the month of January which makes it the official half way point of the 21 Days of Yoga Challenge set up by Charlie over at The Runner Beans blog.

I agreed to take part as yoga is something that I have grown more and more interested in over the past few years and months especially.

Dolphin Pose

So how is it going?! …Well I am almost at half way point of the 21 days, having completed 10 days.

I started the year strong with a 2 hour workshop on New Years Day! It was a Jivamukti class based on setting intentions for the New Year. It was tough for me, as I also did a 2 hour workshop on New Years Eve which obviously didn’t count towards this challenge!

I’ve also continued to practice Rocket Yoga (sweaty, fast flowing, advanced class for beginners) on a weekly basis and was over the moon when they added a Rocket class to my gym schedule…that worked with my schedule!

I’ve mixed things up too with a Ballet & Yoga fusion hot class and my first Dru Yoga class (similar to Yin Yoga in the relaxation sense of things). One particular day when the yoga gods were against me, I ended up using the 15 minute session on the Nike Training Club app which was a great substitution. I can’t rely on this or online videos a lot though as I struggle with self motivation hence why I like to book into classes!

So far I’m loving the challenge but realising it is actually is a challenge. Somewhere in the middle…right about here…I’m kinda losing momentum. But I have sessions in my diary; yoga after a meeting with my manager, workshops booked and paid for …all to ensure I succeed in this challenge.

Last year I wanted to increase my flexibility, work on my core and increase my upper body strength – all of which I could have done with yoga. In the past couple of months I’ve noticed so much progress such as being able to get my heels closer to the ground in downward dog and being able to keep up with all the flows – plank into cobra / upward dog and into downward dog. I’m looking forward to how great I will feel at the end of this challenge! Rest assured I’m determined to succeed and come out the other end of January feeling lengthened, toned, less tight and stronger!

Are you taking part in this challenge?!…How’s it going?! Or have you done one similar in the past?! …what benefits did you see?!

Elle 🙂 x



  1. candiesandcrunches.com
    January 17, 2014 / 03:58

    I love yoga! I find it helps me to relax, strengthen my core (which is super important for running) and stay flexible. Unfortunately, I just came across your blog, so haven't participated in your challenge, but I'd love to hop on :)xoxoOlena

    • Elle Linton
      January 17, 2014 / 23:42

      Hey Olena 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by! It's never to late to join in! …I've just been to a Capoeira meets Yoga workshop! Lots of handstands 🙂 don't know if my arms will work tomorrow! Look forward to following your journey! x

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