A Dry January with BRITA Boost

It’s like the end of an era; a successful January with the BRITA Boost Challenge!

Firstly, a huge thanks to everyone to has been reading the posts, following my journey and even more so, to those that have been my plus ones (Alicia & my Mum)!

The aim of the month was to forsake alcohol and still enjoy the same experiences and feelings that you get from alcohol.

Here are the 5 key reasons that people drink: 


Many people enjoy a glass of good wine,  champagne or a cocktail


People drink at parties, when meeting up in groups, but do you need booze to have fun?

Confidence Booster

Some people feel that little bit more confident and braver after having a drink.


That glass of wine or beer is how many relax after a busy stressful day.

For the buzz

Some people drink for that buzz, and adrenaline rush.

I managed to fulfil all of the above and here was how: 

Socialising isn’t only fun with alcohol – Foodelity Dinner Date 

Confidence isn’t found at the bottom of a wine glass – School of Life 

I got high… on life! – Morning Glory 

These Mocktails knocked Cocktails out the park! – Mixology 

A new found way to relax – Flotation Tank Relaxation Experience 

How the challenge got started – Kickstarting the BRITA Boost Challenge  

We’re now almost two weeks into February and I still haven’t actually had a drink! I don’t need to, but should I feel like it, I can! 

I just treated myself to the new Beyonce album with the iTunes voucher I received as well as the 2014 edition of Running Trax to keep me musically entertained now that my run training is beginning! 

My Brita Fill&Go bottle never left my side once in January and I think I just about manage to keep up with drinking two full bottles each day (including some herbal teas no doubt). My skin stayed hydrated with thick body butter after every shower and daily vitamins helped from the inside out! 

All in all, the next 11 months have a lot to live up to! 

How was January for you?! Did you go dry?! If not do you think you could?! 

Elle 🙂 x 


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