A SimpElle Guide to Navigating Fitness

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Each and every year like clockwork, the sales start for the holidays and then all the fitness hype lands. Deals on joining gyms, new athleisure to tempt us to spend more money then go to the gym out of guilt, all the “clean eating” bandwagons of Whole 30, Veganuary and Dry January, the challenges and the packed classes and gym floors. I guess all the regulars just sit it out until the hype dies down?! But if this is the year you’re taking the leap then I have a few handy nuggets of knowledge you should keep in mind…

ONE. Don’t join one gym when you can join them all. 

There are a ton of gyms and studios out there (especially in london) and there are now also a ton of ways to get access to them without committing. I recently downloaded the ESquared app to try it out over the holidays; the app allows you to find two-hour gym sessions and one-off classes in central London.

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I’ve booked myself sessions at Energie Fitness in Bethnal Green (£8) to use the gym floor and an indoor cycling class at Digme Fitness Moorgate (£15) so far.

It’s pretty simple to use however I found it easier in the list view and the filters (especially by time) helped me to navigate all the available sessions. When you book your session, you get given a 4 digit code (I screenshot it for reference) which you then give to the facility to get access.

Places You Should Try: 
– Mob45: (£12) I reckon the gym floor will be quiet. This place used to be GymBox Farringdon before they moved and upgraded. It’s still owned by GymBox though… just a grey version
– YMCA Club: (£8) they have a pool, which I’ve always looked in on and hoped to get to swim in there one day
– Powertone: (£12.50) for 30 minute classes on the powerplate machines
– Project Fit: (£20) pricey, eh? probably the price they charge for drop in sessions anyway, I imagine. But you should try it at least once…

Aaaand use code ELINTON1143 to get yourself £20 of free credit on the app (valid as of May 2018) | download on iTunes or Google Play app stores

TWO. Things to remember when you go to the gym 

When you’ve been going to boutique studios all the time, you forget that regular gyms are kinda different. So don’t forget a padlock, take a towel and any toiletries you might need in the shower or after. A pair of flip flops might come in handy for the shower too…

THREE. Cancel, cancel, cancel 

This one is especially related to classes. Every class has a specific capacity for health and safety reasons so that limits the amount of people than can attend. January is a busy month and we all start off eagerly but if you book a class and then can’t make it just cancel at your earliest opportunity… even if it’s an hour ahead. It means someone else gets the chance to go along rather than the class being half empty because of no shows.

FOUR. Be kind 

We all started somewhere, right? If you see someone looking a little lost, ask if they need any help. There must’ve been a time you could’ve done with a little help too? So we can all understand how it feels when you walk into a new gym or a new class and it seems like everyone knows everyone… except you!

FIVE. Stay for the cool down people 

Now more than ever, you need the warm up and the cool down! After a couple weeks (months or years?!) of not moving much, jumping straight back into your normal routine or starting from scratch is when you are most likely to pick up an injury. So do yourself the service of getting to class on time so you get involved with the warmup and stay for the cool down. If you’re working out by yourself or going for a run or ride then you really have no excuse; if you need some inspiration for warmup exercises I’ve shared a couple over on Instagram (…a few more coming soon too!). When I’ve posted all five I’ll pop them in a blog post too.

I’m sure there are a ton of other useful tips to help us get through January so by all means please share your favourite in the comments…

Elle 🙂 


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  1. Beki
    January 8, 2018 / 16:54

    I'm trialling the Esquared app at the moment! Only been to BestCycle so far, but there's a good range of options.

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