Add (Nike)Fuel to your Fire…

Since the end of March 2012 I have faithfully sported my Nike fuelband every single day. It’s been enjoyable, and quite a motivation but I haven’t blogged about it as there has been nothing interesting to tell you outside of what has been written everywhere else…

{In a nutshell, NikeFuel counts all the activities in your daily life. Running, walking, washing up…your moves are measured and turned into NikeFuel by your Nike+ device. It’s calculated the same way for everyone meaning you can compare and compete with anyone.}

Sporting my fuelband while teaching

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great tool; how many gadgets would get you out of bed 10 minutes before midnight to do some jumping jacks to get you to your goal before midnight strikes?! But this is where I see a flaw…I set my own goal. I see everyone interacting with Nike via Facebook and twitter sharing their success stories of stupidly long streaks (the amount of days in a row you hit your goal). Nike claim that an active day is 3000 NikeFuel. I can hit this with a short run, an afternoon on the sofa and a little bit of housework so if I set my goal to 3000, am I really challenging myself?! Initially when I got my fuelband I spent a few days getting some base data about my activity levels. It seemed that I always came in just below 3600 so I set my goal for 3800. This was a challenge, meaning I have never had a streak longer than around 20 days whereas some people are into streaks of 200 days or more!

So I think it’s time for Nike to up the game and add fuel to our fire! I think there should be a setting where the device randomly chooses your goal for the next day. Planned a lazy Sunday, but then Saturday night you get set a goal of 6k NikeFuel?! …you’re gonna have to work to hit that goal! Now THAT my dear friends is a challenge!

What do you think?! How do you set your goal?! If you were offered the choice would you take up the challenge?

Here is something else I have noticed about the fuel band:

The shoes you wear affect the fuel you earn! Wear shoes that cushion your steps and absorb the forces…get less fuel! The day I ran a half marathon (21k) I got about 6k NikeFuel due to running with light and small steps. My best day has been just over 10k…made up of running (8k) and Zumba! But then again it’s all about intensity too…if two people travel 100m, one sprints and one walks, the sprinter should get more fuel!
So in 2013 I’m aiming for a 15k NikeFuel day! …I’ve seen it done, but this is about challenging myself!

Have you got a fuelband?! Or maybe thinking of buying one?! …what’s your best day been so far?!

Elle 😉 x



  1. Lynnette
    February 22, 2013 / 01:13

    I love this and you have certainly put some questions into perspective. I too got a fuel band in dec and have faithfully wore it every day…it's a reminder, something holding me accountable. I often put off chores, shopping, attending functions on time because I have exercises to do. After having over the last 2 1/2 year of back surgeries and being laid up I am thrilled to get my butt kicked back into gear so to speak. A friend talked me into getting one and I have inturn talked a couple other friends into getting one. We are goal oriented now. Watch out world. I would love that challenge you propose. Thanks for the info. Lynnette

    • Elle Linton
      February 22, 2013 / 17:41

      You are most welcome! …and good work on prioritising your health and fitness 🙂 It's hard sometimes but it sounds like you have friends who understand and support you!! Keep at it!

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