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Gym Workouts with Auro App

So a few months ago, I got a 3 month gym membership… and believe me, I had all the best intentions. The plan was to go once or twice a week and get some of my motivation for my own personal goals back. Well, fast forward a few weeks and I’d only made it there once… and when I did go, I ended up teaching instead of training. Eventually, I made it back and that was because I was armed with a plan… all ready for me to download (or stream) on an app called Auro; the perfect way to keep my gym workouts fresh!

So, what does Auro do?

The basic premise of Auro is that they provide audio fitness classes on demand from top trainers in the UK… and I recognised a couple names in there from the very start. They wanna make the personal training experience accessible and affordable for everyone with workouts including (but not limited to) indoor treadmill running, outdoor running, strength and HIIT.

Get Set Up on Auro

Once you download the app (which is available on both apple and android), it’s quick and easy to create your account and set your profile. The app simply asks for your date of birth, gender and weight. Under your profile is where your stats are kept… so which classes you’ve taken previously, how long you’ve spent working out and what kind of classes you’ve been enjoying. All that’s left to do is grab a decent pair of headphones… maybe even bluetooth ones and start your workout!

The Actual Gym Workouts…

Auro - gym workouts screenshot

The first workout I tried was a beginner treadmill session (aptly named “kickstart the runner in you”) with Freddie. It was only approx 23 minutes long but it was just the challenge I needed having not run in a while.

The workout offered everything I expected; guidance on speeds, cues for changing speed and signals for time. There was also lots of motivational cueing from Freddie which I guess must be difficult to predict especially when the trainer is not actually with you!

I also checked out the core connection workout with Kim but didn’t get through the whole session; mainly due to boredom (I’m not a huge fan of core workouts anyway) and I just wasn’t feeling the instruction.

As an instructor myself, I think cues for positioning are of vital importance especially when working the core and sometimes, by the time I worked out what I was supposed to be doing, the 30 seconds were up.

I then took the app out on the open road for an outdoor run session again with Freddie and checked out a couple other workouts under the strength category. Unfortunately, my gym memebership ran out, but who needs a gym when you can workout at home or in the great outdoors with apps like Auro?!

What’s it gonna cost you?

Of course, this is the bit you wanna know right? Well, firstly, it costs a lot less than a gym membership (even the no frills ones). The app is currently priced at £11.99 a month or £59.99 for an annual subscription (updated September 2020).

However, there is a free 14 day trial for everyone if you share your payment details for one of the plans, or there are 4 free classes you can try without taking the 14 day trial.

Final Words On Auro?

I’ve just bought myself a turbo trainer and am hoping to try out an indoor fitness bike soon so I’d love to see some cycling workouts on the app. Auro are constantly adding fresh new content so I’m in no doubt that those categories and more (including rowing I hear) will be on their way!


You are gonna love this app if…you’re looking for a Personal Trainer experience without the price tag and / or don’t want to have to plan your own sessions.

Think twice if…. you worry about having the correct form and techniques when exercising.

So, tell me… how do you keep your gym workouts fresh?! Do you plan your own sessions or do you like the idea of an app like Auro that does all the planning for you?




    • Elle
      July 3, 2018 / 16:39

      I’ve not tired Aaptiv before… there prob are a few similar apps out there (always is)… just about finding the one that works best for you as an individual!

    • Elle
      July 3, 2018 / 16:40

      Yes! Same here! …and sometimes we just wanna run on a treadmill so it’s nice to have a little guidance …something more inspirational than the programmes on the treadmill anyway!

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