Back to school time: Day 2

Another 9am start on my Ante and Post Natal Exercise course in Vauxhall this morning. Sitting here right now in my coffee break I certainly feel a little more engaged than I did yesterday.

But maybe that’s because all the information from today has occupied my mind and yesterday’s info has gone out the opposite ear to which it came in?!

Anyway, so far today we finished all the ante natal theory including how to adapt muscular strength and endurance exercise for expectant mothers (especially those in their second and third trimester).

Now it’s onto what exercise mum can do after baby is born! It felt like a sprint finish to the end, with the Post Natal side of things taking only a couple of hours to go through compared to the day and a half we spent on Ante Natal.

But in all honesty, there was nothing new to cover. We did however learn about what a c section entails and I will dispel the myth now – THEY DO NOT CUT THROUGH YOUR ABDOMINAL MUSCLES. I don’t know about anyone else but for me, this was a huge relief!

It is also not recommended to exercise before your 6 week check. One other thing I would like to share with you though is about a condition called diastasis recti. It basically is the separation of your abdominal muscles during pregnancy.

It doesn’t happen to everyone but it is common. Have no fear though as usually it corrects itself within 3 to 4 days of giving birth and then you will have to work to restrengthen your abdominals progressively.

I’d love to say the day ended on a high; sadly, this is not the case. 21 out of 23 of us decided to take the 1 hour 15 minute exam before leaving. Those 21 of us could not believe the amount of work expected of us in such an inadequate time.

That was the first time in years that I have been writing till the very end, having to scribble any answer just to have an answer, and no time to check my work. Luckily, it wasn’t just me that felt this way so we will be following it up with the awarding body who compiled the exam.

So I’m holding tight to hear if I have passed or not (please note I am not holding my breath!). I’m looking forward to working with ante and post natal women in the future though! My NTC class tonight has already had to listen to all this while performing their hip lifts!

***UPDATE*** I’ve just been informed that I passed the exam! I am looking forward to the future working with both Ante and Postnatal clients!!


p.s my assessment of celebrities who ping back into shape after pregnancy: they either a) starved throughout pregnancy b) worked their butts off during pregnancy c) starved for the 5 weeks after giving birth or d) have incredible underwear that nips and tucks. I just know that no one sensible could get back in shape so quickly without putting themselves at risk.


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