Behind The Screen: April 2016 Report & Future Plans

You may or may not have noticed recently that I haven’t been blogging as much, or as regularly as in times gone by. I went along to a conference a few weeks back where adventurer and blogger Sophie Radcliffe gave a talk about her experiences with blogging. Something really resonated with me in what she said.

Keep it simpElle is going to be 4 years old in July of 2016 and entering it’s 5th year in existence! These are exciting times for the blog and myself! But what Sophie’s talk made me realise is that if I do really want excitement and adventure, I have to go out there and create it. I can’t sit at home waiting for emails to land in my inbox offering amazing opportunities! I’m sure that will happen but at the same time, I need to create opportunities for myself too!

For April, I’m gonna take the opportunity again to take you Behind The Screen and also to share a little more of my thoughts and ideas about the future!

April 2016

Advertising Income: £4.22

Affiliate Income: £10.24

Collaborative & Sponsored Posts: £55

Other Work & Consulting: £0

Costs / Outgoings: £unrecorded

Total March Page Views: 4,255


In April, I shared just 10 posts but fortunately it didn’t damage my stats. I really tried to focus on valuable content which would be a resource in the future (i.e The Hydration Guide & How To recover After A Tough Workout). Then there was the Ivy Park post which I stayed up till gone midnight writing so it would be timely and published the morning of the launch!

Plans For The Future 

Photography – I’ve been loving Instagram (you can follow me here) as I’ve always been a keen photographer. I recently found the biggest box of photos in a suitcase from my days at University. I updated my bio a little as I really want to focus on the professional side of things.

I get mildly annoyed at the amount of people who follow you and then unfollow you, using those apps. I always endeavour to communicate with those who follow me to get to know them so I can enjoy their posts too!

Talking of the professional side of things, I decided I would like to teach more classes on an ad hoc basis. So I’ve been actively trying to attend trainings for class concepts at Gymbox and most recently got trained up in Ripped & Stripped (the cool relative of Body Pump!). I post all of the classes I teach and events I take part in on the Train With Elle Page.

Travel – in 2014 and previous years, I was known to travel a fair bit. I loved the opportunity to see new places, spend time with people, eat good food and generally put a stake in the ground allowing me to return rested and ready to get back into things again. My last official holiday was in September of 2014 and quite frankly, something had to be done about that! So rather than continuing to say I needed a holiday, I booked a holiday! I’m jetting off for four nights really soon and I’m super excited! I’m most excited about all the pretty pictures I can take and getting to wear some normal clothes (well, some of the time anyway, cos I am following my own advice for Holiday Fitness Tips).

Live Video – Recently I posted a few live Facebook videos {check out the KISE page here} and the response was pretty positive. I love the fact that it’s in the moment, meaning that I can, and no doubt will, fluff up! It’s makes it authentic and genuine; two things which I always aspire to be at all times. And then, although I’m generally a confident person, I get a little shy when it comes to talking to my phone or camera when out in public. But Adrienne (of That’s My Mum) basically told me to get over it through her post on Body Confidence which I actually had the pleasure of her reading (she said preaching) to me, in person one afternoon! So I’m endeavouring to get on the snapchat train – here is my thingy if you wanna add me?! Is that how you do it?!

Focus – last (for now), but not least! I need to focus on staying organised and doing what I say I am going to do, when I said I would do it. That is very much in respect to my current business venture, Borrow My // Blender – I have to finish my business plan and officially launch through The Princes Trust so I can then focus on raising brand awareness and getting out there to work with the brands and people that I love!

So, have you got any new goals for the rest of 2016?! … anything I’ve missed that you’d be interested to know?! 

Elle 🙂


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