Behind The Screen: August 2015 Report

It’s that time of the month again; where I talk all things blogging and statistics! 

Statistics; August 2015 

Google Analytics

August 1st – August 31st

Google Analytics (GA) statistics seem to be the benchmark for blog statistics so I’m moving away from trusting what Blogger says and using these statistics going forward. It’ s great to be able to see a month to month growth and know that I’m reaching a wider audience every time.

July vs August

Users 2,428 vs 2,630  (+202) 
Page Views 4,983 vs 5,211  (+228) 

FB page likes – 616 vs 659 (+43) 
IG followers – 998 vs 1053 (+55) 
Pinterest followers – 518 vs 526 (+8) 
Twitter followers – 2396  vs 2477 (+81) 
BlogLovin’ followers – 217 vs 233 (+16) 

Amazon Associates
– 1st August – 31st August
– £0

This month I didn’t do anything with Amazon; I think I got about 60 clicks throughs probably via sharing links on FB but no purchases. If only it counted my purchases cos then I could make myself rich with everything I buy from there! No joke!

Affiliate Windows
– £13.54

Currently I’m signed up to MyProtein, Planet Organic, Simply Supplements and LessBounce affiliate schemes. I’ve worked a fair bit on sharing the links this month mostly focusing on great offers such as when MyProtein had 25% off over the bank holiday weekend. I scheduled tweets for the entire weekend to fill in space between me actually tweeting.

It costs about £5 to join AW but you can make that back really quickly {join Affiliate Window here}. I received my first payment into my bank account this month too which was great!

I also ran a competition with Simply Supplements this month which I hope helped. I think in the future I will add the affiliate link to the tweets sent out about the competition which directs people to the brand I am promoting as well as increases my click through rate and hopefully increases the chance of purchase!

Other Advertising
– 1st August – 31st August
– £3.05
– unpaid

Kayla Itsines Affiliate Program
– $A0

So, I just scheduled some tweets over a period of a few days and it seemed to garner interest. I do think that the program is a big purchase so it would help if I could speak more to the workout. I’ll never be able to post ridiculously amazing before and after photos though! I reached out to the affiliate manager for some ideas to collaborate and I never received a response.

Collaborative & Sponsored Posts
– £65

I’m currently working on standardising my fee’s for blog posts. The main differences come down to whether they are written by me and how much time I have available.

Other work and consulting
– £0

I’ve not done any other work this month that has been paid. The photography workshop I ran went well, however, I never made any profit from this which was never my initial plan anyway. I was able to cover the cost of the venue and part of Eulanda’s fee’s.

Costs / Outgoings
– iCloud storage upgrade – £0.79
– PayPal Fees – £2.50 (approx)

What Worked Well Last Month

We ran the first ever London Bloggers link party. We got around 13 posts in the end which for a first link up I was happy with (I had a goal of 20). I found that people weren’t really sure what a link party was even though the explanation was within the post. I’d love to host one again when I have the time to coordinate it! 

What I Did New Last Month

Learning how to live stream an event; I gave myself a crash course in a week! 

What I Will Try Next Month 

– I’m off to Bestival next week so I put up a post on Affiliate Window to allow brands to approach me for collaborative opportunities. It’s a bit short notice but so far I’ve connected with one brand. I also applied to join the ASOS affiliate program via AW but was rejected due to not having enough fashion content on my site – which was kinda the reason I applied as I wanted to include more fashion content and had just ordered a few bits from them for Bestival.

– When I first started blogging, I was known for sharing workouts. Seen as this is something I am qualified to do, I feel like I should go back to it. It does take a lot of planning plus shooting relevant images, but this is why I got a new camera right?!

– Depending on time, I may reshoot photograph for old workout posts

– Being away at Bestival also means I either need to get everything written and scheduled before hand or reach out to my blogging friends for a couple of guest posts while I am away! Either way, I need to get my butt in gear …like, now!

Posts On Blogging You Have To Read: 

– PR and Bloggers, how to work well together  (link removed, 500 error)

Goals For The Next Month

GOAL – share one workout on the blog with images and ‘pin-able’ title image

So… anything I’ve missed that you’d be interested to know?! 

Do you have blog goals that you are working towards?! Have you blogged about blogging?! Share your posts with me too! 




  1. Dorit Vaknine
    September 14, 2015 / 12:01

    very informative post 🙂 i'm on analytics too so need to go check mine out.

    • Elle Linton
      September 14, 2015 / 13:34

      Thanks Dorit! Was great chatting with you earlier! Do give me a shout if you have any questions 🙂 x

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