Behind The Screen: Spring Updates for Bedroom from NEXT

I was lucky enough to move into my own home almost 7 years ago now! I then moved out for 2 years while I “travelled” and enjoyed a city life in Central London and moved back into my place this Spring. It couldn’t have been a more perfect time; the sun was shining and I was in the mood for cleaning and updating my home! 

When I originally moved in, I bought all my furniture and furnishings from Marks & Spencers, White Company and NEXT. These are the same places I looked this time. 

My bedroom has all white furniture in it; previously the furnishings were a “Juicy Couture” theme of chocolate, pink and white. This time round, I fancied a more neutral decor. Currently the walls are magnolia (yup) but I will be painting those white as soon as possible. I’m considering having a “feature” wall that I paint a colour – probably grey and then either purchase a wall sticker, some art or make a collage of frames with personal photographs. 

But for the minute, here are the updates I have made this Spring from NEXT – 

1 & 3 Mink Light Shade and Lamp

I updated my light shade with this mink one and purchased a matching lamp. After reading Stuffocation, I opted for just one lamp instead of two. The light shade really creates a calming light in the room which is perfect for relaxing and getting ready to sleep. The lamp allows me to read before bedtime as a way to wind down, then I don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the light! 

2. Alphabet Cushion

I have a chair in my bedroom which I use to set out my clothes / bag / sh*t for the next day. There was always a cushion on it, but I updated the cushion to this black and white one – in a “D” for Danielle (my full name!). Should I ever need an extra cushion in bed, then its there! 

4. Double Sided Duvet Set (2 sets)

I didn’t even realise when I ordered this set that there were two in the pack! Two double sided duvet covers and 2 pillow cases per duvet cover. The one in the picture is the one I currently have on my bed; it’s greyish on one side and natural on the other side. I use silk pillowcases for the bottom pillows on my bed (4 in total, 2 each side) to protect my hair from drying out / snagging on cotton pillow cases! 

5. Non Iron Sheets

…in charcoal to go with the duvet sets! I don’t think I would iron my sheets anyway so it helps that they don’t (shouldn’t) need ironing! 

I also made updates to my Living Room which I will be sharing in due course!

Did you update your home / living space over the Spring Bank Holiday?! 

Elle 🙂 

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  1. Emmyw
    June 11, 2016 / 07:34

    Eek I'm so excited about decorating once we find a place. I'm not fussed about how the home we buy is decorated because I'm so desperate to put my personality in to the home no matter what. Some lovely suggestions here

    • Elle Linton
      June 11, 2016 / 12:20

      I love that decorating is a never ending task too 🙂 I always find new pieces to add to a room (mostly the kitchen which is fast running out of space! lol). Good luck on the house hunt! Look forward to following your journey!

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