Doddle Says Relax: Secret Santa Challenge

In the spirit of all things Christmassy, and the fact that I had yet to watch Elf (which officially marks the start of christmas for me!) I agreed to take part in a Bloggers Secret Santa, hosted by Doddle.

The Doddle Says Relax campaign was launched in a bid to give people back some time to relax at Christmas by avoiding queues and the pain of missed deliveries! Doddle is a parcel company who aim to make sending and receiving parcels easy with locations in popular train stations, shopping centres and even universities which are open late, and mostly 7 days a week so you can send or collect your parcels at a time that suits you!

Doddle recently launched a ‘runner’ service exclusive to Londoners. All you have to do is take a photo of the stuff you wanna send via the Doddle Runner app and a Doddle Runner will pick it up from wherever you are, then package and post it using a next day delivery service from a Doddle Store.

So this was the basis of our Secret Santa style challenge! 

What Santa Sent

I was chosen to shop for the lovely Georgina, of Georgina Does. Lucky for me, I have met Georgina quite a few times and even spent a whole weekend with her on an #ActiveHen! I had a budget of £30 worth of John Lewis vouchers and no idea where to begin! I spent a couple days going through Georgina’s blog (again, as I already follow her) then I gave up and dropped her some hints in the hope she would give me some inspiration!

Photo credit: @GeorginaDoes on Twitter

It literally was a doddle to send these gifts off to Georgina! …albeit with a few hiccups along the way! It seems there were a few things you can’t send via Doddle which includes glass and “food”; there was a thing about items you couldn’t send on the app but I assumed it would be similar to an airport and surely if the stuff got delivered to me in the first place, they could send it on?! BUT, you live and learn! At the end of the day, Georgina was happy, so I was happy too 😉

What Santa Sent To Me

Unfortunately, I missed the delivery of my gift before Christmas on the 23rd as I left to spend a few days in a hotel in London! So when I returned home on the Sunday I still had one more card and set of presents to open!

My gift came from Gemma, of Gemsies. Gemma came good on our brief around relaxation over the holidays and purchased for me a REN Body Kit (chocked full of travel sized body washes), a set of bath fizzers packaged as christmas crackers, a tinned candle and a mug and bauble set.

So I’ll basically be recreating my last evening at the hotel; a hot bubble bath by candlelight, with a reggae soundtrack (thanks Spotify – best purchase I’ve made this year!!) with a mug of hot chocolate by my side! I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a bath at home, but it really was the most relaxing experience I’ve had in a long time!


Thank You to Doddle for putting together this little challenge! The runner service and delivery itself was definitely no stress; just had to get our heads around the challenge organisation! I love the simplicity of the whole process and am even looking into using Doddle for my new business – Borrow My // Blender – in the near future!

So how have YOU been relaxing over the holidays?! 

Elle 🙂 x

p.s I STILL haven’t watched Elf! Nor drunk any mulled wine… so technically Christmas is NOT over for me! Sorry peeps! haha! 



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