Eat Evolve: Optimal Nutrition for the Busy City Lifestyle

Just last month when I quit my third round of whole30, things were a bit hectic. I just couldn’t get into the groove of food prep (all explained in my why I quit whole30 post).

For the week following when I was due to finish whole30 I’d arranged for a delivery from Eat Evolve. They specialise in convenient food for those of us who are health conscious. …sounds just like what I needed, right?!

My delivery arrived on a Tuesday as it was outside the M25 (inside the M25 deliveries arrive on Mondays) in a perfectly sized box that would be easy to carry home if you got it delivered to work. The plan was, I choose 5 sides and 5 mains…

They come packed in plastic pouches meaning you can cook them via sous vide (boil in the bag) or open them up and microwave them. This packaging meant they were easy to carry to work with me even when I was cycling as they took up minimal space and were spill proof! They then only took 3-4 minutes to warm up which is perfect when I only get 30 minutes for a lunch break.

Meal 1 | mango and coconut chicken curry with golden raisin & cauliflower rice 

This was the first time I’ve ever eaten cauliflower rice; it was an amazing substitute though and I would make it again if it comes out like this! The entire meal was amazing from the time I smelt it heating up in the microwave!

Meal 2 | lemon thyme salmon & roasted turnip carrot and walnut

This was the first time I was trying turnips too! A lot of firsts for me in just two days!

Meal 3 | turkey escalope & sweet potato pesto noodles 

The noodles were one of my favourites mainly because I could hardly believe they were made from sweet potato and not pasta or egg! I felt like they were a guilty pleasure! I googled them and apparently they are Japanese. If I can get my hands on these I would definitely keep a stack in my cupboard!

On the other hand, the turkey was my least favourite of the mains. turkey can be a dry meat as we all know so I’m not a huge fan of it. I would choose it again on my menu but probably only for some variety.

Meal 4 | slow braised beef with chorizo & summer peas with mint

Another yummy meal!

Meal 5 | lamb tagine & ratatouille 

My second time having ratatouille which went pretty well with the lamb tagine.

The Verdict 

Not much else to say really….everything was delicious! This was definitely one of the BEST WEEKS (food wise) in my life! The portion sizes were perfect – I didn’t need to snack after or add anything extra and it took the pressure off me. I just had to put together breakfast and another meal (usually dinner).

Their meals are all Paleo, with some even being whole30 compliant. So if you decide to give whole30 a go and think you may struggle you could use this to supplement what you whip up in the kitchen.

They have a variety of packages with meals costing £11 each (based on package of 5 meals).

Go right now and check them out! | www.eatevolve.com 

Have you every used a meal delivery service?! 

Elle 🙂 


p.s Huge thanks to Eat Evolve for providing me with a 5 meal package - rest assured all opinions are my own (I mean, we're talking about food here!). No write up was requested but I genuinely loved the meals so much I wanted to share :) 

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