Elle About Town: Best’s Bootcamp, London

All photo’s credit: Marcel Grabowski Photography


There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to studios in London. I mean, we’re not exactly short of places to workout, right?! For me personally. I choose studios based on location (on the central line or  close to work), then the instructors, the actual workout and what I am training for. Pretty much in that order too. 


Best’s Bootcamp has opened in Charing Cross (you can also call it Trafalgar Square and it’s within walking distance of Embankment, Leicester Square and Covent Garden). I feel like it’s what everyone is thinking, so I’ll just say it too. It’s the next in line for the Barry’s Bootcamp format. Y’know, treadmills and floor based stuff in each session. The main differences I found were that the treadmills are epic. Yes, epic! They have the most responsive belt I have ever run on making it seem easier to run faster speeds. These treadmills (which might I add, are the only ones in Europe) also have a 3% decline on them, allowing you to run downhill, indoors. 


The floor exercises also vary somewhat. There is a wealth of equipment starting with the custom made “benches” which you centre your floor work around. In the preview class I attended we also used kettlebells and dumbbells. I loved the mix of exercise including core work, plyometrics and weights. 



Then there is the trainer cam. Dotted around the rooms are huge screens on which you can view the instructor demonstrating each and every exercise; so there is no excuse to not know what you’re doing, right?! 



So peeps, go check out this awesome studio! You get your first class complimentary so again, no excuses?! 


If you do decide to pop along, let me know what you think! 


What studios / classes or workouts have you been loving recently?! 




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