Elle About Town, January 2014

The year is not so new anymore; January has settled in and 2013 is becoming archived in our memories! I’m still getting used to saying “last year” when referring to 2013 though!

…this year however, has been jam packed and eventful! This very weekend gone saw me at 3 different yoga workshops! Partly because I am doing the 21 days of yoga challenge but more so because I am deepening my love of practicing yoga and learning new things.

This is what 2014 and I have been up to so far as well as what’s coming up…

Classes: Glow Ballet Tone vs Hot Ballet Sculpt & Tone

A Ballet inspired yoga class…heated up with infrared! …I definitely got sweaty with all the downward facing dogs and plies…in this particular class though there just wan’t enough channelling on Swan lake for me! …however, I went to Becky’s class (I’d done it before in the lululemon showroom) which was also heated and it was in a league of its own! An entire body workout with no time to lose focus! As an ex professional Ballet teacher, Becky doesn’t miss any points of alignment. She literally had me screaming for mercy but I felt amazing post workout!


I attended Glow Ballet Tone at Good Vibes Covent Garden. I attended Hot Ballet Sculpt & Tone at Yotopia, Covent Garden.

Classes: Dru Yoga 

I booked up for Dru Yoga having no idea what to expect! Lucy started a new class (new time) around the corner from my workplace in Covent Garden so I thought I would show my support. The class was very relaxed and slow moving – just what I needed that evening. We covered maybe 6 poses in total but it meant we had time to really feel them and deepen into them.

Events: Opening of BOOM! Cycle, Holborn

What better way to spend a Monday evening that at a great BOOM! Cycle class in a brand new, much more convenient for me, location! Just 5 – 10 minutes walk from my work and 15 seconds walk from one of my gyms….it’s perfect for me, maybe not so perfect for my gym?!

fab new location

I did the BOOM! Body class which I first attended in January 2013 at the special sneak preview for media bods! …was great to see so many friendly and familiar faces too!

hill climbs anyone?!

BOOM! Cycle Holborn opens at the end of January 2014 and a little bird told me they will have two weeks of free classes to celebrate! See you there?! 

Events: Capoeira Meets Yoga Workshop at Triyoga Soho

Okay, so one of the best workshops I have been to so far! I’d seen some Capoeira before but I had no idea of what was behind it! What better way to learn than mixing it up with some yoga!

cutting some shapes

The evening started with a yoga warm up using poses that were transferable into Capoeira. We then broke down Capoeira moves, practised one by one gradually linking them together to build short sequences. We learnt about the history of this art too as well as some of the songs.

By the end of the evening I was on a high! I’d never done so much handstand practice, nor been in a room full of so much energy. Our teachers for the evening, Celeste and Baris were truly inspirational! …there is no right or wrong in Capoeira…there is just YOU!

They will be holding quarterly workshops at Triyoga and Baris teaches across London! 

Workout Gear: PROMIXX 

After my Honestly Healthy week, I’ve taken a delivery of My Protein ready to see what they are made of! I’ll be trying out some of the whey (low lactose) shakes and a non whey version. My PROMIXX will be my new best friend for a while to come! …it works a treat!

my new bff

Coming Up…

BODY by Frame

Frame, one of my favourite studios in London has launched a few new classes! The one that has caught my eye is BODY. taking place in a hot studio, I’m expecting cardio work and some weights! …Keep an eye out to hear how this goes…I’m booked in for Monday 27th with my friend Katie 🙂

Nike Training Club

I’ll be teaching over at Clapham Common for two consecutive weekends at the end of January / early february! If you are in London, come down and join me! The classes are a great way to start your weekend!

training in winter sunshine

For everywhere I teach take a look at the Train with Elle page

What has been keeping you entertained so far in January?! …anything interesting coming up you would like to share with us?! 

Elle 🙂 x


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