Elle About Town, January 2016

People! Welcome to January!! …what I can only describe as a month full of ups and down, physically, mentally and weather wise! 

Here’s what I’ve been getting up to recently around “Landan Tawn”! 

Events / Classes: The Gym Is Everywhere with Reebok 

I got my butt whipped at the launch of this Reebok Campaign on the weekend! 

“For Reebok, the Gym is Everywhere. We encourage people to break free of their routines and use their surroundings to work out; whatever the apparatus or environment, your gym can be anywhere that you’re willing to put the work in.”

I say, damn right! I had so much fun completing an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout in my team! Just 20 minutes of intense work, and I could feel the burn for days following! You can catch me doing the tyre flip over on IG too…

Events / Classes: Runble with Sweaty Betty and 1Rebel 

Sweaty Betty have teamed up with the London studio, 1Rebel to create their latest Get Fit 4 Free campaign – a weekly class led instore as well as an online workout which can be done at home. I got to head down to the SB Head Office for the laugh and try out the workout myself; it was a tough one – a mixx of MMA (mixed martial arts), boxing and other exercises in rounds lasting 3-5 minutes. The music was loud, the moves were intense and the energy was high. 

Check out the video {here} and get your sweat on! #ItsAKnockout 

Food: VitaMojo  

If you work in the Bank / St Pauls area in London, you have to check out the newest food venue on the block! It seems that Vita Mojo is a new concept in food… you can either order a “box” which is a combo of foods or customise the box yourself. I went for a customised box of chicken, sweet potato mash, red cabbage, kale, a tiny piece of polenta and a spicy thai dressing. When you choose which foods you want you can also adjust the quantity (y’know, so it fits your macros!). Mine came in at 595kcal, 35g fat, 37g protein and 33g carbs. You also choose a collection time when you order online and just pop along to get your food. 

The food tasted AH-MAZING. I literally got to sample the ENTIRE menu for the day and have no favourite! …it was all so flavoursome (food without flavour is my worst nightmare!). 

Coming Up….

The London Winter Run, the launch of a new studio FitMiBody, Urban Movement with Pure Gym ( a day packed with different types of workouts), getting back into cycling …and February. Basically, it’s February already. How.

What’s on your agenda in the next month or so?! …been to any good classes / events?! 




  1. GiGi EatsCelebrities
    January 27, 2016 / 18:55

    LOVE that t-shirt "knock out" – that's for sure!! :PThis month has been pretty solid and I have been insanely motivated… The three weeks I took off for the holidays really helped me WANT to get back to work! Only UP from here!!

    • Elle Linton
      January 27, 2016 / 23:32

      Go Gigi!! TBH though, I've never known you to not have an insane amount of energy!! …please send some across the ocean to me 😉 …but I'm with you there, only UP!!

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