Elle About Town: The Launch of Bests Cycle

September sees the launch of Bests Cycle… indoor cycling classes brought to us by one of London’s newest but banging studios located in Charing Cross, Bests Bootcamp. [Bests Bootcamp is no longer operating]

I was lucky enough to get to go along to a preview class in the week before launch so check it all out! On the other hand, I wasn’t so lucky as the air conditioning wasn’t working so I can’t differentiate the sweat caused from working and from the heat – we were assured it would be fixed by launch so you lucky lot will have a much cooler experience! 

Truth be told, on the evening of class I wasn’t quite feeling myself; I felt a little devoid of personality, tired and unenthusiastic. I was just days away from L’etape London and quite frankly I think anxiety was beginning to get the better of me. I also partied the evening before, feeling a little worse for wear and having slept funny my neck and shoulders were ridiculously tight and sore. Anyway, I put on my tights du jour and dug deep to get in my final minutes on the saddle before my ride. 

Prepare for an intimate experience; the studio is a moderate size and I literally spent ages (probably 20s) trying to pick which bike would be the ideal spot for me! I love to have a good view of the instructor and other people in the class too. 

I’m sweating right now just thinking about this class; a 45 minute full body workout on the bike broken up with a track using hand weights to work your upper body and core a little bit more! Our Instructor for the evening, Abi, was full of infectious high energy which was just what we needed to be honest. That and all the tunes. The music wasn’t really to my taste (I clearly like it a bit grimier! haha! and with more of a deep baseline!) but that’s half the issue with spin – finding an instructor who plays the tunes you like and has the attitude that you also like in an instructor! 

Our much needed post workout fuel came courtesy of their own fuel bar in the form of protein smoothies. I can’t remember which one I actually had, but it wasn’t half bad and vegan protein (on this occasion at least) came as standard. That, and the chilled towels were perfect to kickstart our recovery! 

If you can make it down for a class, your first is just a tenner, so grab a mate (these things are always better with a friend, huh?!) and get down there!

What’s your favourite class right now?! If you’re a fan of spin, what’s great about your favourite class?! 




  1. Petra
    September 27, 2016 / 20:31

    I only go to the spin class because of the instructor and the music he plays (my favourites!). Otherwise I would probably not go. I tried different instructors in the beginning and once I found my favourite I stuck with him. I've been going to spin classes for years now but not so often lately as I've been doing lots of outdoor cycling which I prefer.

    • Elle Linton
      September 28, 2016 / 09:18

      i'm the same Petra! Enjoy riding outdoors much more! …sometimes though, life gets in the way and its a little easier to fit in a spin class! …I defo am ALL about music when working out and teaching (I love when people in my classes come up to me afterwards and tell me they love my music! makes my day! haha!)

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