Elle About Town, March 2015

March has been full of the unexpected! With an unexpected house move, plus an actual house move (again) coming up, it’s been interesting balancing life with training!

Here’s what I’ve been up to or plan on getting up to in and about London Town!

Product: PROMIXX 2.0 

In a bid to keep my immune system working, I’ve been supplementing with protein shakes. After swimming lessons, after run club and just when I need a snack have been the times my shake has saved me.


What better way to prepare my shake then in my new PROMIXX 2.0?! I owned the previous version which was great in its own right but the update now comes with a rechargeable battery, plus a lid with storage for your powder (or vitamin pills …anything you need to take!)

I fill up the bottle with my almond milk / water mix, pop my scoop of powder in the lid and off I go! It takes minimal time to actually whizz up your shake too and there have been no lumps in sight!

One lesson I did learn though…I wondered why it came with two lids and I worked out the answer when I used it the first time. When you use the powder stored in the little tub, you need the lid for the shaker. The tub is then left lidless if you don’t carry the extra! Find out more and pick up your own {here}!

Product: Buff 

I love when opportunities arrive in a timely fashion! It’s like the guys at kitshack.com knew I needed a running wardrobe injection of fun and function when they offered me the chance to try out a Buff. First things first, I had a hard time choosing just one from the thousands and thousands (I don’t think I’m exaggerating?!) available on the website!

I chose an awesome blue printed one which I felt I would love for a long time to come. I road tested it for the North London Half Marathon which was a cold, chilly morning! I wore it as a neck warmer to keep the breeze from getting into my clothes. It did a smashing job…so much so, I had to take it off when I was too warm! I would’ve worn it as a headband but I already had one on! So I wrapped it around my wrist and forgot about it!

It’ll definitely be a firm favourite in my running wardrobe though! I love that it’s so light, but warm and very versatile! Check out the website for the video with inspiration!

Events: Swim Dem Crew 

So far, in my very short swimming career (I use the word career lightly), I have been swimming as a solitary fish in my lessons bar the one time I went swimming with Jen (of Eclectic Cake). I had a few bridges to cross in the form of swimming in a pool longer than 20m, swimming in a pool deeper than I could stand in and swimming with others. I hit all 3 at the same time through attending a session with Swim Dem Crew at the Olympic Pool in Stratford London.

Of the 60 minutes I was there, I think I actually swam for a maximum of 15 minutes. It took me a long while to get over how cold and deep the pool was. Then I had to get used to swimming with 15 other people and not having the edge all to myself.

I know though, that next time, I will be more confident as I know what to expect!

Events: London Bloggers Meet Up 

Met up with this lovely bunch in London to get to know each other a bit better!

London Bloggers, a group on Facebook, is a group to share ideas, opportunities, get inspiration and find collaborations! If you have a blog and live / visit London a lot then please join the group {here}.

Coming Up….

London Marathon Cheer Station 
On Sunday April 26th, I’ll be heading out to cheer on all the runners who will be taking on the London Marathon. You can join me and find out all the details via the Facebook Event Page; This will be the hub for all the logistics, plus fun stuff like deciding what signs to create!

Triathlon Swimming Course 
…I start this 6 week course at the end of April and finish just a couple of weeks before my main event – Windsor Triathlon – in June. I’ll also have the Eton Supersprints in May to test out what I learn up to that point!

What’s coming up for you in the next month?! 

Elle 🙂 x


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