Elle About Town, November 2015

November – We’re well on the way to winter and all things Christmas are starting to pick up pace! I’ve been busy creating a new routine for myself with my workouts recognising the need to get back into running, swimming (increase my cardio) whilst keeping balance with yoga and pilates. 

Here’s what I’ve been getting up to recently around “Landan Tawn”! 

Events / Classes: BRITA Winter Wake Up Workout with Madeleine Shaw

I dragged myself out of bed (so grateful for my Lumi clock) for this early morning yoga class. Madeleine developed a 360 workout in partnership with BRITA that rejuvenates and helps to improve productivity as the days get darker and colder. The workout also encourages us to remember the importance of hydration throughout the winter months.

“How we spend our morning is key to setting us up for the day and shifting that sluggish feeling.  After 8 hours sleep, your body will be dehydrated, which is the biggest cause of fatigue. Yoga and hydration boast so many of the same health benefits – increased energy, brain power and alertness – so I’ve designed a workout that incorporates both and that everyone can follow.”

“The workout features key poses that defend against winter bugbears like dry skin and hair or the winter bulk. The horse stance strengthens the entire hormonal system leading to more energy and healthier hair, skin and nails.  The Warrior II pose aids digestion, which stops you feeling bloated and tired.”

“Your mind is a muscle too so completing these moves and staying hydrated will ensure that you feel physically and mentally ready to be the best that you can be during winter. With it’s easy sip straw, I find using my BRITA Fill&Go is perfect for drinking whilst in a yoga position and it also means I can keep it on my desk for the rest of the day – a perfect reminder to keep drinking!” says Madeleine.

Location: Fitness First, Tottenham Court Road 

Fitness First, Team GB’s Official Fitness Partner, has begun the countdown to the Rio 2016 Olympic
Games with now less than one year to go! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pass for my nearest Fitness First and decided to pay Tottenham Court Road a visit for a post workout swim. 

I haven’t been to “the gym” in such a long time that I made a few epic fails. I forgot a padlock (combination locks are not everywhere it seems) so had to pay to borrow one. Then they have a one towel rule which doesn’t work well for me when I want / need to wash my hair (note to self – take spare towel). Once I got over all that, I had a quiet swim (in a very chilly pool) pretty much all by myself for the majority of the time. I was too hungry to hang around to check out the sauna’s etc but I’ll be popping back for sure soon! To find your nearest Fitness First Club {visit their site}

Wanna find out which Olympic Sport is best suited to you?! Check out this Sport Profiler built by Fitness First! 

Events: Samsung BlueHouse 

I popped along for breakfast at the Samsung BlueHouse for a talk around technology in health & Fitness. On the panel was Ben Fogle, Tim Weeks and one of the Hemsley sisters! It was an interesting conversation where they shared that they go from one extreme to the other when it comes to health, fitness and technology. I’m pretty much in agreement; I love tracking my runs and my progress but sometimes its great to just be free and be active for the sake of being active.

The “house” contained a ton of other gadgets too including the VR headset which I’m wearing in the picture above. It literally transports you into a 3D world of whatever you are watching! I’m absolutely loved the smart home system where you could hook up everything to your phone (including your kettle which you can programme to boil so its ready when you get out of bed!). I think this system would be great for saving money (i.e you can control your heating so it only turns on 30 minutes before you get home or using the system to turn off gadgets / lights when you are out). 

Classes: Trapeze at Gymbox, Westfield Stratford 

I went along to check this class which is one of the latest additions to the GymBox class timetable. I’ve not really done any trapeze before so had little idea of what to expect or how tough a workout it would be! My number one recommendations having done this would be to wear pants that cover the back of your knees and be prepared for some sore hands after!

I found that it was a challenge on the core especially when you’re essentially sitting on what I can only describe as a stick! But it was a full body workout having to keep your legs engaged the whole time and using your upper body to get you up onto the stick and hold yourself up! We had a go at some swings using different leg positions as well as practising how to get onto / off the trapeze and then some “poses”. Would I go again?! Yup!

Coming Up….

Next Bloggers Network Event 

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been to an event by Next (which was awesome!) so I’m really looking forward to this one next week! There’ll be a mix of talks from industry experts as well as the opportunity to network with fellow bloggers. 

Blogfest is a conference put on by Mumsnet; you don’t need to have children to be a part of their network nor to go to the conference! It’s a day packed full of speakers and workshops all on topics surrounding blogging!

What fun stuff is coming up for you in the next month or so?! 

Elle 🙂 x

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