Elle About Town, October 2015

October – and the weather is certainly making that clear with chilly mornings and sunny afternoons. I’ve half turned the heating on too; in the bedroom and then rely on the oven cooking dinner to warm up the living space! I’m not going to give in fully yet! 

Here’s what I’ve been getting up to recently around “Landan Tawn”! 

Events / Classes: Rumble at 1Rebel 

I popped along to the latest 1Rebel studio in Broadgate Circle, Liverpool Street to try out their latest class; Rumble. It’s a high intensity interval based boxing / martial arts inspired workout. You get kitted out in wraps and gloves then situate yourself with a bag and the instructor in the middle. 

After class, we were treated to Prosecco, nibbles, juice and hair braiding! Yup! It was a great evening and I got the opportunity to chat to some interesting people whilst trying out some new products / brands! 

The next day, my glutes were feeling the effects of the kicks that we did and my arms were tired from all the punching! Would I do it again?! …it sure is good to release any pent up frustrations!!

Classes: Exerceo

When Exerceo got in touch, I was a little intrigued. A 25 minute workout that would burn fat and increase muscle mass. I wouldn’t need to take any clothes or shoes. And I would get hooked up to some form of straightjacket. Well, if it’s good enough for Ussain Bolt?! 

The session uses Electric Muscle Stimulation – they basically send electrical waves through the jacket to your muscles which makes them work harder. You’re given undergarments to wear (over your underwear), and then a waistcoat, and “shorts” which both get wired up to the “control station”. I’m not gonna lie, I was sh*t scared for some reason. But honestly, once I felt the sensation I was put totally at ease. To me, it’s kinda like a power plate but you’re wearing it rather than standing on it! 

The session consisted of body weight exercises, cardio high intensity interval drills, some pad work and core work. Lex and I left the session feeling pretty invigorated! 

Classes: Yoga with Madelaine Shaw  

Popular blogger and nutritionist Madelaine lead a yoga class with RED magazine and I figured I’d pop along, get my stretch on and meet the lady herself! The class was a little shorter than planned due to Madelaine getting stuck in traffic on her way to us (cue frustration from waiting; not the best way to start yoga!). 

This was all followed by a just as short Q&A session before she then had to dash off to go on vacation! I can’t say I remember much about what we talked about?! …maybe how often she practiced yoga, her new juice range, her book etc. I got a survey about the event just the other day and they asked “did you leave the event feeling smarter?” ….Erm, well, no I didn’t. 

Coming Up….

Style Sportif Launch 

I’m looking forward to joining everyone for the launch of Style Sportif, a brand new e-commerce

website which will offer a curated collection of the best in premium activewear! The launch party will be taking place at Lights of Soho a trendy art gallery turned members club in the heart of London!  


Blogfest is a conference put on my Mumsnet; you don’t need to have children to be a part of their network nor to go to the conference! It’s a day packed full of speakers and workshops al on topics surrounding blogging! I decided that I wanted to be there this year rather than watch from afar (via twitter and Facebook) and sufffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). I got in there on the early bird tickets and am looking forward to a day of learning, networking and inspiration. Oh and they’ve talked up the goody bag A LOT!

What fun stuff is coming up for you in the next month or so?! 

Elle 🙂 x

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  1. Zoe mcnulty
    October 16, 2015 / 06:28

    Blogfest sounds goooood! Xxx

    • Elle Linton
      October 16, 2015 / 20:40

      We're never not learning, us bloggers, eh?! x

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