Elle About Town: Spin Up with Santander Cycles

If there’s one certain way to fall in love with London all over again, it’s to take yourself up 72 floors of The Shard in London Bridge for spectacular views of the city in all the glory of summer sunshine. Yup. We got sunshine on the morning of a unique spin class located on The View From The Shard. 

Somehow, I never got around to putting two and two together to figure out that the spin class would be on actual Santander bikes which added a different dimension to our workout! 

This summer, Santander Cycles have teamed up with boutique spin studio, Boom! Cycle to curate a series of classes in iconic locations starting with this event at sunrise. The session was led by the awesome Hilary who was just full to the brim of energy and enthusiasm! 

Before I go any further, I want you to know that YOU can get involved too! It’s as easy as visiting the Santander Cycles website and registering your interest so that when booking opens you will be the first to know! There will be classes on Tower Bridge and also at Kensington Roof Gardens, so not to be missed! 

Back to class; the bikes are all set on rollers so this was my first time using an actual bike indoors. I am actually due to be hiring a turbo trainer over the summer to help me with my training for L’etape in September so it was good to get a feel of how one version of these types of system work and feel. 

It took a short while to get used to the kinda jerky feeling and get into a smoother rhythm. The bikes also only have 3 gears; hard, harder and even harder! Once you ride in the heaviest gears for a while though it makes the lightest one feel like a cycle in the park. 

We got well and truly put through our paces in the 30 minute class which included plenty of upper body exercises with some free weights. I was dripping with sweat by the end of our session and had also worked up quite an appetite (all I’d eaten since my 530am alarm was a banana!). Lucky for us we were fed and watered with a Pip & Nut Toast Bar and Imbibery Juices (my all time favourite is the pineapple and cayenne). 

Which venue would be the ultimate workout spot for you this summer?! 

Elle 🙂 

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