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I wrote a post about Wellness Trends To Watch in 2017 for Felix Magazine and shared my thoughts about the future of boutique fitness and studios…

“We predict a trend of heading back to basics, with more people then ever considering running (which is technically free) as an option, along with no frills gyms or just getting a group of friends together for a workout in your neighbouring park.” [Felix Magazine no longer exists]

…but as with most things, I think it’s all about balance. We may not choose to spend all our recreation budget on the swish gym membership each month but the landscape allows us to drop in to sessions we fancy, when we fancy. So I’ve picked a few of my favourite studio based classes that I’ve added in to my training schedule here and there to keep my workouts fresh and motivation high:

Connect at GymBox

I’m not even a member of Gymbox (but I do teach there) and I was over the moon when I heard they would be installing this software into their new Farringdon Gym. I’d been to a class last year at another gym and absolutely loved it; in fact, it was that class that ignited my passion to teach indoor cycling.

Anyway, on the day of the class I booked the software unfortunately wasn’t working but our instructor, Ryan, still made sure that we go a damn good workout. Software or not, the bikes still have lights on the front of the handlebars which colours correspond to how hard you are working. Ranging from white which signals minimal effort, all the way up to red which is maximal! Ryan’s playlist and programming meant that he always knew where we should be and he kept a good eye on each and everyone of us. I’m not gonna lie, it made me work a little harder than usual as I only rested in the allotted rest times. For some reason I also felt a little competitive too not wanting to give up when the people around me are smashing it!

Would I go again?! Yes! Would I teach it?! Yes! I’m hoping to get the opportunity to see how Gymbox utilise the full software in class to see if it’s my kinda vibe but the premise is that the class can be set challenges and work in teams to achieve them by giving their all on the bike.

Flex15 at Speedflex London

Personally, I’ve always believed that you can achieve a decent workout in 15 minutes. By all means don’t think that’s all you should ever do in a day, every day but for the times you’re short on time, 15 minutes has to be better than nothing?!

Flex15 is the latest high intensity class from Speedflex, London. Sessions are led by experienced personal trainers, using the unique Speedflex machines which are known to leave you with little to no post exercise soreness. After a 2 minute warm up, we were put through our paces, performing a series of exercises on the Speedflex machines, which automatically respond to and create resistance levels based on each individual’s force. Speedflex exercises were combined with full body exercises and followed by a 1 minute recovery.

Speedflex training is low impact, offering a wide range of benefits including accelerated fat loss, improved muscle tone, strength and bone density and enhanced power and speed. When incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, regular sessions can also help to improve heart health, decrease blood pressure and lead to long term weight loss.

So there literally is no excuse now; it’s time to get back on track and this is the perfect fun filled “quick fix” workout which really packs a punch.

Lift at Frame

Photo Credit: Move Your frame website

I’ve always been a fan of bodypump but I’ve never been a member of a gym where they have it on the timetable. So when one of my favourite studios started their own version, I needed in on the action! Since November, I’ve attended the Lift class at Frame more times that I can count and I’ve even been signed off to teach it (keep an eye out on my socials where I’ll post if I pick up a cover shift). The class utilises a bar and plates and is fully choreographed to tracks chosen by Gede Foster who created the workout. It’s a full body workout which is low impact and without a doubt gets your heart racing! The playlist is changed regularly to keep it fresh but at the same time allowing you the chance to pick up the moves and then progress by lifting heavier.

Which studio based classes have you been loving recently?!

Elle 🙂 


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