Elle About Town, Summer Classes 2016

People! It’s Summer, and it’s pretty much been 6 months since I’ve done an ‘Elle About Town” round up! …and there has been plenty going on to share so I thought it was about time I caught up!

Here’s what I’ve been getting up to recently around “Landan Tawn”! 

Events / Classes: Spin Up with Santander at Tower Bridge 

After attending their first event way above London in The Shard, I was super excited to join the crew at Boom Cycle and Santander for a sunset spin class inside / on top of Tower Bridge. I’ve only ever driven over Tower Bridge a few times, so as a Londoner who’s never made time to check it out otherwise this was an amazing experience for me!

Classes: Full Body Workout with ME!! and WeTrain 

Photo Credit: Lolography

I’ve added two new classes to my weekly teaching schedule which will be for WeTrain over at Clapham Common. Clapham Common used to be my old stomping ground for teaching so I’m excited to be a part of the community again. I’ll be teaching on Tuesday evenings at 630pm and 730pm; both sessions are 45 minutes long and cost £12 (you can bring a friend for free using code WTFRIEND)

See Full Schedule: www.wetrain.com

Classes: Speedflex, London  

Speedflex has been on my list of studios to check out for such a long time however their induction times never worked with my schedule and they offered no other solution in the past as you are required to go through the induction before you can train there.

The premise behind Speedflex is that the machines you use are low impact therefore causing you minimal soreness the next day. The workouts are all still high intensity but that is whatever high intensity means to your level of fitness.

Recently, they changed their schedule which also meant a change in induction times so I was finally able to pop along! For the induction, you meet one of their Trainers and go through an assessment which measures your body composition. We didn’t exactly get off to the best start when the results put me in the overweight (!?!) category! Hmmmm. After your assessment, you’re then given a run through of the machines and the basic exercises.

After your induction, you’re able to sign up to a two week trial for £20. I made it down twice in the two weeks both for the rolling sessions (you can turn up and leave whenever it suits you). The first time I stayed around 35 minutes and had to go home for a nap! It certainly was a tough but effective workout! The second session, I stayed for around 45 minutes and again it was a sweaty one! Speedflex suggest 3 sessions per week to get the best results and I can imagine you would get the results if you put the work in!

Coming Up….

I’ve got so much more to share that I’ll have to post some more ‘Elle About Town’ with some running specific events, restaurant reviews and what I’ve been getting up to with Borrow My // Blender!

What’s on your agenda in the next month or so?! …been to any good classes / events?!

Elle 🙂 x



  1. John Hayward
    July 25, 2016 / 19:56

    Excellent work and a lovely roundup. I feel like coming down to try out a few of those places, myself. Thanks!

  2. Abbi
    July 25, 2016 / 19:31

    Great stuff! Shared this on twitter! <3

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