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As part of my Blogiversary Month (July 2013) I will be sharing a post each Friday specifically relating to the past and future of Keep it simpElle 🙂

This is a repost from Fitblogger.

I’ve heard it so many times before; Knowledge is Power. It’s applicable in all areas of life including when it comes to your health, fitness, nutrition and well being. If you went to the doctor and (s)he gave you medication to take each day (I hope) you would ask why. Quite often though we follow programs from magazines and Personal Trainers (just like myself) without asking why or understanding how. Why not be empowered with knowledge?

I’m a theorist…I love to learn…and I love to share my knowledge. That’s another fundamental of Keep it simpEllesharing. I firmly believe that when you exercise, quality should come before quantity. So do you know how to squat? and why squats are such a good exercise? Wouldn’t a squat be more worthwhile if you knew why and how?! …What about when you have nailed a basic exercise such as Plank…where do you go then? Progress Your Plank, of course! …Be empowered!

With all the empowerment, it’s time to be inspired! Today you don’t fancy a crazy, high intensity cardio workout?! That’s fine! There are a plethora of activities out there that work as good as the next one! I personally am an advocate of Pole Fitness. My Pole Story began quite a few years ago and has contributed to me building upper body strength, core strength, grace and control of my body. You might find inspiration at Keep it simpElle to seek out a Ragga dance class, buy a bicycle or add yoga to your routine.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves though! Before we can be empowered, and before we can be inspired, we need to be motivated. We need good reason to get out of bed and (delete as appropriate) get to the gym / go for a run / hit up that Pilates class. That’s my goal – to motivate you! Motivation is a ‘dry weather’ friend to me…always deserting me when the going gets tough. I want you to know that I’m not invincible…nor is your own Personal Trainer. We all have our strengths and sometimes we need to challenge ourselves and work on our weaknesses for a more rounded fitness experience. I decided to make 2013 the year that I take running seriously. I got a run coach, set a goal and share every kilometre of my journey, both highs and low, with you…to motivate you…

So come meet me and my friends over at Keep it simpElle; read what we have to share from drill packs, recipes to events and share your journey with us!

Be motivated. Be inspired. Be empowered.

Elle 😉


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