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I feel like I start every blog post the same way; saying how I can’t believe it’s whatever month it is, and nothing has changed now it’s almost / is April and that means, your new April calendar download! I found that after the end of term, I was feeling more exhausted than I had anticipated. In my head, exams would be over, I would sing and dance and be full of energy to workout, socialise and enjoy cramming my diary with things to do. But apparently, that’s not how it works. And thankfully there are people in my life who understand that.

One day last week, I was smiling to myself after hearing some awesome news from a friend (that I am so proud of and inspired by) and in that moment felt so happy and grateful for all the amazing people I am fortunate enough to know or have crossed paths with in life so far…

Elle at Crate Loughton April Calendar Download

And after reading a couple of posts from Carly, about choosing happiness over success, and Charlie, about her most recent student placement, I feel even more content with the choices I have made to prioritise my studies over many other things at this point in life. So, as well as sharing the April Calendar Downloads with you from Angela (she’s one of those amazing people I have crossed paths with, though just virtually) I thought I would share with you my Three Great Things aka what will be my Three Priorities While Studying…

ONE. So it goes with out saying that number one will be my studies themselves. Completing my Masters Degree was in my goals for a few years, always having been put off due to financial reasons. When the Student Loans Company launched funding for Post Graduate study, I was left with no excuses… Applying for my course was definitely one of the scariest things i have done to date. One of those things where you go through all of the emotions, like “am I good enough?”, “will I be able to do this?

TWO. My second priority was a contender for the number one spot and that is, paying my bills. I have the responsibility (and privilege) of having a mortgage to pay so when I’m not devoting much needed time to my studies, I need to be earning enough to pay my bills. Outside of the few permanent classes that I teach, it’s meant that anything I take on for the blog that feels like work, needs to be compensated, in order for me to prioritise it and give it the time it deserves. Anything I choose to blog about, as that’s what a personal blog is about, is so much more flexible as there is no-one chasing or imposing deadlines. So here’s to keeping the balance between blogging as a passion and blogging as a profession…

THREE. Third, or last, but not least, comes my health. Be that physical or mental. I realised a couple weeks ago that being physically active for my own health wasn’t really happening anymore; I’d train when I was teaching but that was all. Since term has finished, I’ve made more of an effort to get out and about. Even have another tennis lesson booked in for the Bank Holiday weekend… believe me, tennis is a workout! It’s my goal to keep this going as I start my third term for the academic year to help me stay focused when I’m studying.

Sometimes, it’s hard to say ‘no’, right?!


Angela went above and beyond to create these wallpapers, one for each month in 2018 featuring prompts to remind you to take care of yourself and enjoy yourself in equal measure, all inspired by her Three Good Things blog series. This post is to share April’s download so you can get organised too…



Info about sizing:
There are three different sizes available.

Download 16:9 for screen resolutions:
2560 x 1440
1920 x 1080
1600 x 900
1366 x 768

Download 16:10 for screen resolutions:
1920 x 1200
1680 x 1050
1440 x 900
1280 x 800

Download 4:3 for screen resolutions:
1600 x 1200
1152 x 864
1024 x 768
800 x 600


Hope everyone has enjoyed the Bank Holiday… How do you prioritise what’s important for you right now?! …And let me know if you use the calendar downloads!

Elle 🙂 



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