Get In The Spirit Of Tour de France With Halfords

With the Tour de France well under way now, hopes are high for British athletes after the July we’ve had so far! There’s nothing quite like a high profile event to inspire me to get involved in a sport (I mean, I was this close to taking up tennis again after Wimbledon until I remembered I don’t own a racket anymore!)… but I do have a bike (and I’m signed up for my first sportive in September!).

If you don’t already own a bike though, you can enter this competition from Halfords to win one valued at £1,799! You’ll also find new deals there every day through TdF so if like me you’re looking to expand your cycling wardrobe there may be a bargain to be had! 

Keep an eye out on the blog to find out how I will be preparing for my cycling event in September and what kit has been helping me get bike ready! …and don’t forget to enter the competition! 


Elle 🙂 

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