Get Outside – Guest Post by Nerissa

Most of us spend the majority of our days inside, trapped at desks in dark buildings where we’re shielded from the sun like vampires. In my office, especially, we have NO windows and it can be rather daunting and energy draining not being able to have fresh air circulating or be able to look outside.

So as soon as the weather was decent you bet I took my workouts outdoors. 

When you were a kid, working up a sweat running from the swings to the monkey bars never seemed like work, did it? Swings and monkey bars aren’t just child’s play. You can get a total body-toning workout at your local playground, with no gym membership required! Bonus for parents taking their kids to play – you can sneak in a quick workout while the kiddies run around. ☺

So get out of the shadows and enjoy the sunshine, breeze, and curious looks from strangers while your badass self does a  pull-up & yelling “I HAVE THE POWER!!”  (He-Man/She-Ra  style)

Here is a great and easy sample of what you can do at the playground: http://greatist.com/fitness/bodyweight-playground-workout


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