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Happy Holidays! …well, almost ūüėČ …I had planned on writing up gift guides like most bloggers do (including myself the last couple of years) but then I decided I would rather make it more dynamic as I’d found some awesome things but not enough at the time to put in one blog post with all of them, y’know! So on this page I can share what I have already found and add to it when I find more awesome stuff! First up, this was gonna be the Sustainable Secret Santa Guide For Your Foodie Friends

sustainable secret santa gifts for foodies

1. The Food Medic Lunch Box

the food medic lunch box

I spotted this aluminium lunch box on Hazels Instagram and instantly loved it. It’s part of a collaboration she’s done with Boots for Christmas. I love the idea as personally, my plastic tupperware has started to look a little worn and tired and with the huge emphasis on sustainability and limiting the use of plastic this seems like the perfect gift. It’s also part of the Boots 3 for 2 Christmas Mix & Match offer so you can pick up one for yourself aaaaand still choose something else from her range. One for me… one for you!

2. Joseph Joseph GoEat Portable Cutlery Set

cutlery set gift idea for foodies

I personally have owned this portable cutlery set for maybe around a year and it comes everywhere with me. It helps to save on reusable  cutlery when I eat out and also mitigates the risk of forgetting to pick up cutlery when on the go. The knife has a magnet in it so they all stick together and then stay clean and safe in the silicone case.

3. KeepCup Brew РCork Edition | 8oz Small

keepcup espresso 8oz

Another one that I own myself and love; the keepcup. I have this small size which is good enough for a flat white and apparently baristas prefer these kinda wide topped cups when you take them to coffee shops. I try to carry it with me on days I think I’m gonna pop into Pret as they give you 50p off your drink when you use your own cup! For all the latte and long drink lovers, check out the 12oz version. Someone fill me in what I would put in the 16oz version… that’s a heck of a lot of coffee lol

4. Joe Wicks Lunch Box Containers

Joe Wicks Lunch Box Containers as a gift idea for foodies

Just bought this 4 piece set of ‘tupperware’ for myself to replace all the old tatty ones, with missing lids and mismatched bottoms! I’m looking to get more organised with my food prep so I figured this would be good inspiration; no more excuses like, oh, I don’t have enough containers, right?! At ¬£15, they should last a while. They actually come with a 90 day money back guarantee should you¬† / the gift receiver be unhappy with them. You can put them in the microwave and all that, so here’s to something a bit more inspiring than chicken, rice and broccoli every single day!

1. A Letterbox Christmas Tree

miniature christmas tree from bloom and wild

Just ordered my Mum this miniature Christmas tree from Bloom & Wild. Hopefully she doesn’t check out this page before it arrives! The basic version, without added biscuits or chocolates costs ¬£32, but you can get ¬£10 off when you “mention me” and add my name – Danielle Linton – at the checkout. Delivery is free and is next day. They also somehow manage to make these trees fit in a box that can fit through a letterbox so you don’t have to worry about the postman missing whoever you send this too!

2. HoMedics STRETCH Back Stretching Mat

If you’re keen to give the gift of the ultimate relaxation this year then you should check out the¬†HoMedics STRETCH Back Stretching Mat. The mat is inspired by yoga-style stretches and works through¬†air chambers which inflate gently to encourage your lumbar to stretch, release and relax. I feel chilled out just imagining this…

HoMedics STRETCH - Yoga Mat with Adjustable Back Body Stretching, Release Tension, Improve Flexibility

The mat guides you through a range of preprogrammed sequences, controlled through a handheld control which allows you to customise the stretch to your flexibility so all that is left for you to do is some deep, slow breathing to unlock and enhance the whole experience. You can check out the mat here on Amazon.

1. Passion Planner

2019 Passion Planner available at Amazon UK

I’ve been a fan of Passion Planners since they were invented (lol) back in 2014! It’s the perfect journal for keeping track of your day to day as well as your overall goals and dreams. They’ve been through a few changes over the years and for 2019 there are a host of colours and new sizes. I’ve opted for the ‘Pro’ size for 2019 which is bigger than the compact I’ve used from day 1 but still small enough to be carried around with me every day like I’m used to! The best news for us PP fans over here in the UK is that we can now purchase via Amazon UK and they are delivered next day if you have Prime (who doesn’t?!). At around the ¬£30 mark, I was hesitant to purchase but buying direct from PP they cost around $30 and postage to the UK costs just under $30 aaaaaaand you then might get stung with customs / import tax. So ¬£30 aint that bad for something you gonna use for a whole year, in the grand scheme of things.

2. The World’s Fittest Book, Ross Edgley

The World's Fittest Book: The Sunday Times Bestseller from the Strongman Swimmer

I’m not actually allowed to buy anymore books until I’ve read the ones I already own so please buy this book for someone (or yourself) and let me know what you think! I don’t follow Ross avidly on social media but if you’re into anything fitness related it’s impossible not to have heard of him. I first came across him back in the day when he launched The Protein Works and have had one eye on his adventures ever since. It’s billed as a resource¬†for learning all you need to know about building muscle, losing fat, eating (healthy) cake and unlocking your superhuman physical potential. I’m sold. You?!

1. How To Ride A Bike by Sir Chris Hoy

Picked up this suggestion in a cycling chat group I’m a part of and it’s currently around ¬£6 on Amazon which makes it a winner, automatically! haha! Someone described it as “a¬†really useful and comprehensive book that you can dip in and out of” so if you’re stuck for what to buy your cycling buddy this is a good start!

2. LIV Norsa Headband

Just bought this for myself as I can’t stand my ears being cold when out cycling. It literally gives me a headache. I’ve been using a buff, and also a knitted running headband from Under Armour but neither work perfectly under a cycling cap and helmet. Spotted this headband, the Norsa on the LIV Instagram account and it looked perfect. It’s thin but lined with fleece and fits perfectly to cover my ears. Also love the fact it’s black so will go with any of my cycling kit. A practical one for the ladies that love to cycle!