Hackney Half – One Week Out

One week to go and it’s time to get organised! I’m not going to reinvent the wheel though…I have been here (just) once before!

I wrote some {survival tips} which are proving valuable to me right now!

Here’s a quick recap: 

1. Fail to prepare – prepare to fail 

2. Pack your race bag before the morning of the race 

3. Choose a tried and tested outfit 

4. Rest your feet as much as possible the day before 

5. Get a good breakfast down ya! 

6. Hydrate 

7. Take throwaway cover ups for cold days

8. Focus on your race as smaller chunks – e.g 4 x 5km for my half marathon 

9. Snack right post race

10. ENJOY your race! 

This added together with the {5 Tips For A Positive Mental Attitude}…and I should be good to go…

me, pre half in 2012!!

Here is what I have left to do…

*I need to sort out a way to hydrate whilst running, I did once own a hydration belt but I have moved a few times since and don’t have a danny (la rue – clue) where it is now!

*buy the gels that I need – I will be sticking to the shotbloks for sure as they worked well for me last time

*ensure I have everything in the kitchen I need to be prepared for race morning breakfast and post run snacks

*keep an eye on the weather to decide what kit to wear. Some things are gonna be with me regardless – my yurbuds, my race belt / bag, iPhone to track via Nike+, Adidas Energy Boost II trainers for sure!

WhAt I kNoW nOW tHaT i DiDn’T kNoW tHeN…

*I’m now a stronger runner…not because I run a lot but because I have run many a 10km since last time being in this position. I can’t physically remember what it feels like to run for two hours but I’m looking forward to it…to see what I can do…push myself outside my comfort zone and surpass my expectations…

*I would love for my recovery to be faster this time around, I couldn’t walk properly for a week last time!

Sunday 22nd June 2014…Race Day

ThE pLaN…

…is to run like Elle! and do my best that day. Finishing a half marathon will always be an achievement in my eyes. Deep down though, I would love to finish faster than I did last time.


Any tips you have, please share them with me via Facebook / Twitter or in the comments below! 

Stayed tuned for #MyMoments from raceday…

Elle 🙂 



  1. Matilda Iglesias
    June 18, 2014 / 03:18

    You'll do great Elle, just remember not too go too fast at the start. And enjoy yourself. As for recovery, try an ice bath, get in the bath and fill it with ice (not ice 1st then get in), it will help, and stretch stretch stretch.

    • Elle Linton
      June 18, 2014 / 21:00

      Ooooo I'm scared of an ice bath but I may have to give it a go!! I plan on getting straight back into yoga asap to aid my recovery! …and thank you! best advice always…will pace myself from the start! I'm all nervous and excited rolled into one…stay tuned 🙂 x

  2. gracekelle at leangirlsclub
    June 14, 2014 / 04:12

    You've put in the work, not enjoy it. You're going to be great, girl. can't wait to read how amazing it was!Run Elle Run!

    • Elle Linton
      June 16, 2014 / 19:15

      Thanks Grace 🙂 …here goes… x

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