Hanging with NCG Street Pole

We all know that I am a big fan of pole fitness huh?! Surely you have read my pole story by now?! …well, when I came across this new class which launched in London, there was no way that I could resist! Street Pole you say?!

I had one free Thursday in London on my last visit, and the weather threatened to put heed to my plans to attend this class. It rained, as it does in London, but then the sun came out and I was reading to brave the outdoors. Class took place in and around some gardens just off Brick Lane taught by Nicola of NCG Street Pole.

We began with a warm up and some conditioning work inside the gardens. The aim was to get our bodies used to some of the positions on the ground before we took them to the air…

We then moved outside of the gardens where I got acquainted with the railings, a street post and a lamppost (you will never look at a post the same once you start poling). The first move we attempted were some heel lifts…which then translated in to the “pencil” (pictured).

I had mastered similar moves in my regular pole class and was keen to do as much as I could as I wouldn’t be in London again for a while. Another move we did, one of my favourites, the “star” (pictured). This began as side leg lifts before we took it from the ground to the air…

This next move, below, is known as the “scissor chop”.

We covered a lot in this class, including transitioning from ground to pole…pole to standing…and pole to ground…but I’m not gonna give the whole game away…you just NEED to try this for yourself!

As with regular pole class, the gains are tremendous! Its a great workout for the core, upper body and can help to improve flexibility. What is different though, is the history and background. In regular pole, the dance is very balletic so includes a lot of pointed toes and grace. The NCG Street Pole classes have a hip hop influence which you can see and feel in the different moves. At £8 per session, it wont break the bank but will keep your fitness regime varied and interesting…

So go check it out…

Hopefully I will have some more photos to share with you soon…

Yours in Pole,



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  1. Matilda
    May 2, 2013 / 11:09

    oh dear, but is one of the funniest things I have seen, thanks for the laugh

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