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Elle reviewing Nutrifix App
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When it comes to weekday lunches, 99.9% of the time my goal is to make lunch at home and take it with me. But I find many a time where I’m not organised enough, my bag is already stuffed or I’m just out for so long I’d need to take the whole kitchen with me. And it’s in these times that it can be hard to keep on track nutritionally when you’re buying your food on the high street.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Nutrifix app (which was about 4 weeks ago now) so I spent one whole week trying it out to share my thoughts with you. After sharing some of my favourite spots to eat on the blog (that offer a student discount) not so long ago, I was also keen to know if the choices I make when I go to these places were good ones in relation to my health and fitness goals.

Get Set Up On Nutrifix

And that’s the first step to complete when you download and complete your registration with Nutrifix. When setting up your profile, you specify your gender, age, height & weight, dietary preferences activity levels, and your goal (I chose lose body fat). You can update or play around with these at any point; I swapped between “be healthier” and “lose body fat” a couple times, as well as playing around with my dietary preferences (the only real need I have is to be dairy free, which is an option).

The Nutrifix Score

Once you’ve set up your profile, you’ll notice that every meal suggested comes with a score – this score is unique to you – the Nutrifix Score. The higher it is – and the nearer it is to the top of the list – the better suited it is to your nutritional needs. Nutrifix take each meal’s nutritional information (saturated fat, sugar, fibre, salt), plus your age, height, weight and health goals to generate the Nutrifix score. It’s also self explanatory when you look at the scores as they use a traffic light system of green, amber and red.

Nutrifix screenshot

What And Where Did Nutrifix Suggest I Eat?

For the first couple of days, I stuck to suggested places that I was already familiar with. Day one, I popped into Veggie Pret but I did chose something new (Nutrifix score of 80 / green) which was suggested by the app. Day Two, I went into Itsu for lunch and was pleased to see one of my favourite choices on the app – Health & Happiness – with a score of 78 / amber… which was good enough for me!

Day 3 I ventured into Pod… which was new for me. I tried the Malaysian Coconut Chicken (79 / green) which I absolutely loved! Day 4 took me to Vital Ingredient (where I hadn’t been in so long) and I tried the Nutrifix suggested salad for lunch (83 / green).

Then I wanted to throw a curve ball. I switched up the day from a weekday to a weekend, and launched the app in Westfield Stratford to see what it would suggest. Other than the usual Pret etc, I went along to Pho and chose my meal with a 87 (green) score which after Tough Mudder 5km was delicious!

Nutrifix screenshot

Nutrifix Brings The High Street To You Too

Chained to your desk all day?! The app is also integrated with Deliveroo, meaning that lunch can be delivered to you. Personally, I’m always on the road and sometimes in areas that I don’t know very well. Once you’ve found a list of nearby places the app does tell you how far away it is, which played a huge part in some of my choices, and also gives you a route to get there.

Final Words on Nutrifix?

From the home page, there are some quicks pick buttons including “protein packed” or “snack” that will help to make your decision even quicker and more precise. I loved that you could search via location or vendor (so if you’re already in Pret with your colleagues that’s not a problem).

Did I mention Nando’s is listed in the app?! Yup. My one criticism would be the limited options when you’re not too close to the high street. But I’m sure that will come with time (it’s been a month, cut ’em some slack lol)…


You are gonna love this app if… You’re not good with making decisions and / or you’ve limited time so it’d be handy to choose your lunch from your desk (and maybe even have it brought to you)

Think twice if…. You’re not a fan of the high street chains but I’m sure you’ll still find yourself there every now and again, right?

Have you already used Nutrifix? …Or maybe you have a question or two? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

Elle 🙂



  1. April 3, 2018 / 20:54

    I haven’t used Nutrifix yet but it sounds interesting. I would probably give it a try when I am in a city centre and need some food recommendations.

    • Elle
      April 6, 2018 / 09:34

      Yup that is exactly the kind of situation in which it comes in especially handy!

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