Hot for 2015: RESHAPE at 1Rebel

It’s a New Year and everyone is on the same bandwagon. Summer bodies are made in the Winter.

Fitness isn’t just a trend though. It’s a lifestyle that comes with added health benefits. I took on the task of checking out one of the newest kids on the block for Legal and General



63 St Mary Axe, London 

A short walk from Liverpool Street and Bank. 


RESHAPE, Full Body 30

Rebel Reshape is a highly intensive group experience designed to condition and reshape selected muscle-groups against a backdrop of bespoke playlists curated and mixed by internationally acclaimed DJs. Featuring the latest Woodway 4Front treadmills as well as the bespoke and patented 1R workout platform, Rebel Reshape is London’s new benchmark in physical and mental intensity through exertion.


A bottle of water and towels are all complementary. That’s a little less weight to lug around in your bag all day! The changing rooms are sizeable and stunning with heated seats. Yup. The lockers are roomy and easy to use! Full to the brim with toiletries and all the necessary accessories – everything you could need! (I forgot my socks for my class – d’you think I should’ve asked if they had spare?!) …It’s a classy joint, right in the heart of the City (of London).

The Workout

I picked a 30 minute full body lunchtime class. The room is set up with treadmills at the side and benches in the centre of the room. When you book you’re allocated a treadmill / bench number (this could prove useful when the class is busy).

We warmed up on the treadmill with a light jog. After a short time, we increased the speed, then again, and again till we were running. Three options were given, for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Being stiff and creaky after my long run the day before, I opted for beginners so I could get a feel for what we were up to!

We then hopped off the treadmill and were straight to the benches for some bodyweight exercises as well as some drills which used handweights.

With three sections on the floor, we hit up our entire body for sure! Exercises included plank walk, squats, squat jumps, burpees, crunches, bench press and lunges.

On the treadmill we did a sprint / hills section where I felt comfortable enough to push a little harder and faster than I normally would! Our final treadmill section was in dynamic mode – something I’ve heard a lot about and always wanted to try. In dynamic mode, your legs make the treadmill belt move. You hold on and just run as hard and fast as you can! I briefly got up to 9.9km/hr but it was TOUGH!

Class was wrapped up nicely with a quick stretch and our instructor Melissa, also informed us not to forget our complimentary lunch on the way out! I’m not sure if this is a regular thing, just an opening thing or just a Monday lunchtime thing, but it was the icing on the cake! I grabbed myself a chicken and veg wrap from their in-house re-fuel bar Roots&Bulbs and was on my way to the rest of my day!

My Verdict 

I’m not a huge fan of this class format but I appreciate the benefits. If you’re a runner, it can help you increase your speed through working on sprints. and hills. It also ensures that you cross train, lift some weights and strengthen your body all round and not just through running.

If you’re a non runner, there’s no better place to get acquainted with running than on a treadmill! Build up some speed and confidence to hit the pavements! I didn’t pay too much attention to the music as I was fully immersed in my workout…this can only be a good thing?!


1Rebel also host indoor cycling classes named RIDE. I’m keen to get down there to check them out as for me music makes a spin class!

1Rebel | The New Face of Fitness | www.1rebel.co.uk  

What’s your favourite class concept?! 

Elle 🙂 

photo credits: 1Rebel 


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