Is Be:Fit London Festival Worth Your Time & Money?

Does anyone else remember Be:Fit before it was called Be:Fit?! …like four years ago, when it took place at Olympia and was so god-awful I don’t even remember what it was called?!

Anyway, I think this weekends Festival was the third annual reincarnation of that sad affair that I mentioned. Taking place at the Business Design Centre in Islington and quite frankly, beyond the branding, not much has changed (in my opinion). But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining and that is what I’m taking the time to talk to you about today.

It’s blatantly obvious that Be:Fit don’t really make money through ticket sales and with rules imposed on vendors that they are not allowed to give out full sized samples there are very few freebies to be gained. Be prepared to give your email address to everyone in return for… well, it varies.

Before I go on, let me clear up the class situation. There are non stop classes with all the biggest studios in attendance. When you buy a ticket, you are able to book classes in advance but they go really quickly as only 50% of the allocation can be booked. And here is where they made an epic fail – when you booked your classes (like, everything available, just in case) you’re unable to cancel a class without cancelling every class booking you’ve made (unless you transfer a class to someone and enter their email address etc …or am I just being stupid?!). So, I booked all my classes weeks in advance when I was feeling fit and well so when they day arrived and I felt a little under the weather, I couldn’t cancel day one’s classes and keep day twos.

Then, a few basic tips to help you survive the day(s) at Be:Fit London:

1. Dress in layers; it’s so hot in there you will sweat just standing up. Take off and put on layers as you see fit or just don’t take a coat.

2. Carry a water bottle; preferably one that filters water. I had the Brita Fill & Go Active bottle (I have the lime one found here)

3. Carry a rucksack or cross-body bag so you don’t have to keep holding onto it or worry about leaving it somewhere. Make sure you keep it light too as it gets heavier and heavier the more the day goes on. Consider carrying a tote bag which you can fold up and pull out for when you decide to buy something… because you will…

4. Wear your cutest activewear outfit. It literally is a fashion show where everyone wears their favourite outfits… or picks up the pieces they’ve been coveting for as long as they can remember… My day one outfit was from Boudavida (see picture below)

 Plucky Vest White (£42) || Jazzy Leggings Pink Geo / Granite (£65)

One key feature of Boudavida is that they donate 5% of every sale back into projects that support women’s and girls’ sport. They’ve got a small collection of tops, bottoms, bras and outerwear but certainly enough to keep you happy as you (in their own words) sweat, smile, repeat!

5. It seems you don’t need cash as much these days but be prepared to pick up some half decent deals on some of your favourite products or brands. My number one aim was to pick up some more Heck chicken sausages and I did that! I bought enough to keep me going till I see them again at Balance Festival in a couple of weeks. I literally didn’t buy anything else but some of my favourite brands there include Emily’s Crisps, Oatly, Kind Snacks, The Coconut Collaborative and Pip & Nut.

Be:Fit London Photo Booth Picture with friends

 Last but not least, use the time to catch up with friends. Wander through the aisles chatting, nibbling, battling each other at games and pulling stupid poses in the Photo Booth… that literally makes the whole thing worthwhile!

Did you go along this year?! What did you think?! 

Elle 🙂 



  1. May 5, 2018 / 18:48

    Wasn’t it at Billingsgate Market as well once?! That one was prettttttty bad. Either way I was toying with the idea of booking a ticket back to London for it as I did have a good year their first year at the Design Centre, and then I remembered the class booking fiasco, the heat, the crowds, the harassed feeling that creeps up on me at about 3pm when my bag starts to get too heavy with leaflets… and I literally CBA.

    • Elle
      May 7, 2018 / 10:05

      I don’t think we missed a thing this year tbh!

      and maybe the Billingsgate one was the Nike Training Club Festival back in 2012?? I was working as a trainer then so only experienced it from that point of view!

  2. Gemma
    May 4, 2017 / 09:56

    How did you manage to book onto classes? When I received the email telling me I could it would not let me. When I contacted them to ask, no one responded. So I ended up with no classes booked and failed to get in to any on the day. Very disappointed. https://adventuresofgemma.com/2017/05/03/befit-london/

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