It’s all about the TUNES!

Earlier this month, I smashed my first spinning class in a long, long time! I shared this post with everyone as per usual, but it started up a conversation which I had thought about, but never really discussed: The difference that music can make to your workout!

Here’s what some of my friends said:

“I think the key is the instructor, if you have a really great one that works you hard and plays decent tunes you’ll love it, if not it can seem like a chore.”

“Music for me is a big factor in whether I enjoy a spin class or not!”

“I suffer with the music….most times I don’t do a class if the music is crap and also if the teacher isn’t cutting it for me.”

 “Music is important as it helps take your mind off the burn and visualise the road ahead.”

So it got me to thinking…and I decided to share my most recent class NTC class mix with you!

Check out this 60 minute mix specially created for me by DJ Ca$h (self titled) Danielle Nike CD1! You can download it and use it for your workouts; it’ll work especially well for when you’re using the NTC app as you can set it up to play during the session!

Also shared with me was this 3 hour running mix which you can download  by Stereo:Type – Songs in the key of f**k yeah! {Broken Link}

Where do you get your workout tunes? What is your powersong?

AND….please come back to share your thoughts on Danielle Nike CD1!

Elle 🙂 x


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