JANUARY: New Year New You 30-day Challenge

Dear 2017, I’ve been thinking about 2016 a lot in order to make it work between us, right here right now; cos just because it’s 2017, doesn’t mean that 2016 doesn’t matter anymore. Just like when we get our tomorrow, our yesterday still exists. What I learnt from the last year didn’t change much from that of the one before – being in your thirties is a whole new ball game, my body goals are not the same as they used to be, comparison is the theif of joy, the mind is a powerful tool, no doesn’t mean a thing and don’t waste your precious time on things and people that don’t deserve it! …look forward to hanging out with you 2017 ? #2016bestnine #keepitsimpElle #personaltrainer #fitnessprofessional #fitnessblogger #fitfamuk #befitfam #fitpackfam #runhappy #london #londonbloggers #sweatpink #fitfluential #30plusblogs #sweat

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Now don’t worry peeps, I have not sold out to the whole New Year, New You BS. But I do need a little motivation to get back into the swing of things now that January is here, because, unlike most (or am I wrong?!) when Christmas came, I decided it was time to well and truly wind down while many were focusing on how to stay active over the period, ‘FITmas’ and all that jazz. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t let myself go, but my eating habits and activity levels were on the lower side of moderate and I’m not sorry.

So now it’s January, there are less than 4 weeks until the only race currently in my 2017 race calendar and it’s time to buckle down. Therefore, I’ve set myself a few goals, a challenge per se to get me through the month and technically it kinda is a new me as I’m not known to be good at committing to training for races I enter.

To help me make it through the month, I’ve got myself a FitBit Blaze, a new pair of trainers and a new fit kit outfit every 10 days from the women’s sports & leisure range at Debenhams to keep me on track. Cos, lets be honest, we all love some new tech, new trainers and shiny new kit right?!

Let me get down to business and share with you my plans for January: 

1. Run 3x per week

Of course I will be running each week at Winter Run Club but if I want to make my goal time for the London Winter Run then I need to put in a little more effort! In week 1 of January I managed to hit up parkrun on NYD, then Winter Run Club and parkrun again to end the week.

So far, so good. The plan for week two is Adidas Runners, Winter Run Club and the newest parkrun on the block… specifically just one mile from my front door (finally!!) .

2. Start my journey back in the pool, ready for my 2017 goal…

Now I can’t be super specific about this one but I’ll be able to reveal all soon! At the end of 2016, I got back into the pool and it reminded me how much of a challenge it is, but how much I enjoy it.

Therefore it’s defo on my list for 2017 and I’m planning to make a start this January by getting reacquainted with the water ready to take on swimming again and make some more progress…

3. Add Indoor Cycling to my repertoire…

I think I mentioned last November that I’m keen to put my Indoor Cycling qualification to good use as soon as possible so in January, I’m keen to get some practice in on the bike. I’m booked in the new Connect class at Gymbox this month (review will be on the blog after) and will also be attending a training session for a new indoor cycling concept at a brand new studio coming to London town… so watch this space! …and if you have any epic tracks to recommend for a indoor cycling playlist then please leave them in the comments / tweet me / email… just lemme know!


There you have it. Nothing major, right?! …well, January is only one month, and these are all crucial to making a great start to my year. Keep an eye out this month to see how I get on with these goals…

What’s your plan for January?! 




  1. Natasha
    January 13, 2017 / 20:13

    Nice goals! I got an apple watch, which had made me a lot more conscious of getting a little more active each day, walking more etc.I always forget how much I enjoy swimming as well, so that, and indoor climbing in on my list for doing more of in 2017.We need a catch up soon! Natasha

    • Elle Linton
      March 26, 2017 / 19:51

      OMG yes we need to catch up soon! …I've seen you have been climbing so go you! …and you know I have made it into the pool! GO US! hahaha!

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