Journey to the Games: 13.1 with Gemma

One week ago…the CrossFit Opens began…Did you know?! I didn’t…but I know someone who knows all about it…

Meet Gemma. We’ll be following her journey through the Opens and towards THE Games!

Meet Gemma

This is what Gemma told me about herself and why she has chosen to take part in this competition:

“As a child and teenager I used to sprint for Kent and England; I was a competitive Judo champion competing in various competitions around England earning myself a brown belt before I was 16 years old, so sport has always been a big part of my life. My passion for training and sprinting developed into completing many Triathlon’s whereas more recently I have developed a passion for Olympic Lifting and have entered the CrossFit Games to push my fitness level to the max. Please join me on this 5 week CrossFit journey and learn more about lifting and CrossFit.”

CrossFit is described as ‘constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement’. Workouts are typically 20 minutes or less and require intense, all-out physical exertion. CrossFit uses sprinting, rowing, skipping, rope climbing, weightlifting and body weight exercises. You complete a ‘Workout of the Day’ (WOD) and it is scored based on reps in a time allowance.

Gemma says: “I do CrossFit to push myself to my physical limit each time I work out; Nike Training Club helps me prepare for a CrossFit workout as it helps use the strength functional movements to prepare my body. The 15 minute cardio killer also helps prepare my cardio skills ready for a high intensity session. As a Nike Trainer you will see me deliver in my class a variation of high intensity drills mixed with body weight functional exercises, such as ‘Squats or lunges’ and also including strength exercises to help build that core and stabilise the body.”

Gemma practising the snatch

The first workout (13.1) was released 7th March;

For women…

17 minutes –
– 40 burpees / 30 snatches at 20KG
– 30 burpees / 30 snatches at 35KG
– 20 burpees / 30 snatches at 45KG
– 10 burpees / 30 snatches at 55KG

Gemma prepared for this first by snatch practising with an unweighted bar progressing to a 20kg bar and completing burpees until fatigue, achieving 140 ( I did double check this and YES! Gemma did 140 burpees!!).Check out the video below of Gemma’s attempts…

9th March
Attempt 1 at GymBox Farringdon – managed a score of 123

10th March
Attempt 2 at Virgin Active – managed a score of 141 putting me 837 on the leader board out of 110,000

11th March
Rest Day

12th March
Mobility and strength training

13th March
A selection of CrossFit exercises, getting ready for Workout 13.2 which is released on Thursday 14th March.

So, I’m looking forward to seeing how Gemma does and learning more about this form of training! I may even give a WOD a go…

Stayed tuned for 13.2…

Elle 😉 x


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