Journey to the Games: 13.2 with Gemma

Yesterday, 13.3 was released…but first we catch up with Gemma (@GoodtoTone) to find out how she got on with 13.2…

Here is Gemma’s overview of her week in training:

Workout 13.2 released 14th March;
10 minutes – AMRAP (As many round as possible)
– 5 Shoulder over head at 35KG
– 10 Deadlifts at 35KG
– 15 box jumps @ 20 inches

14th March;
Today I made my first attempt at CrossFit Performance 360 with James Taylor; I managed 212 but spent too much time worrying about my technique so knew I had more to give.

15th March;
Lots of teaching and Personal Training sessions, in addition to 2 classes using my arms which was not ideal as I knew lifting heavy over head would be my weakness in this week’s workout.

16th March
Attempt 2 was at Virgin Active; all of us have bad sessions and this was one of mine. I struggled at round 5 and knew I wasn’t going to be able to beat my attempt 1 score. I gave myself a 2 minute rest so that my body wouldn’t fully lose the heart rate training zone and cool down. Made a second attempt but failed, my arms were tired and I struggled at the push. I knew this week I hadn’t planned my strategy well enough and would have to be happy with my first attempt score.

18th March
Rest Day, ordered some CrossFit socks to stop my shins getting bruised and cut.

19th March
Heavy lifting day, 140KG leg press, 90KG deadlift, skipping practise and body squats.

20th March
Train like an Olympian at Gym Box Farringdon with Hendricks Fitness. Mobility and stretching in the afternoon. Waited up until midnight to see 13.3 released, we are seeing a workout they used in last year’s games but it will test the strength and indeed the leader board. Stay tuned to hear about 13.3 – what a WOD!!!

Check out what’s in store for 13.3 in the image below…

If you’re interested in “lifting” take a look at the chart below to get an idea of how may reps / sets you should be doing depending on your end goal.

Taken from YMCAfit blog

Stayed tuned to follow Gemma on her Journey to the CrossFit Games…

Elle 😉 x


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