Juice Cleanse Update (Mid)

It’s Friday…it’s the weekend 🙂 which is more than enough reason to smile from ear to ear!

Just a quick update to let you know how I’ve been getting on with the juice cleanse.

Day 1 – Tuesday 
So I decided to entitle this day the ‘starvation start’. My juices didn’t arrive as expected and I had to go to work. With a 6am wake up call, and no break until 10am starvation set in! I bought a couple of juices from a local shop and sipped those over the next 4 hours! I finished work and when I headed home, my neighbours (where the juices had been delivered) were not in so I had to wait! I purchased some carrot batons on the way home to keep me going. I finally got my hands on the juices about 4pm! So I had 3 (3,4,6) of the prepared juices out of the 6 for the day.

Day 1

If I could survive the starvation start, I could survive anything, right?! 

Day 2 – Wednesday
I woke up about 8am not even feeling hungry! I started sipping my first juice at 8.30am. For some reason though I was thinking 6 juices means 12 hours, so last juice at 8.30pm…but in fact last juice was due at 6.30pm!

I had an event in the diary this evening which involved a workout. Advice says to exercise lightly while on the cleanse. Well, maybe sprinting around London for 45 minutes is classed as light exercise for some!? yikes! I survived the workout though…and I also politely declined all the champagne, gin, salad, fruit bars, smoothies and cake on offer and supped on my final juice and lots of water! Bonus points for me there huh?! …I then went on to compete in a squat challenge (last woman standing in a wall sit) and came second! BOOM!! 

At the event…the calm part 😉 

One thing I did notice though was that I had a bit of a headache later on in the day. I think this may have been down to not drinking enough water though and it wasn’t debilitating so I just got on with things!

Day 3 – Thursday 
I’m currently writing right now…Thursday morning 🙂 I’ve woken up (around 8.30am) feeling great! No feelings of hunger, no headache, no low energy levels!

I have a pretty relaxed day scheduled; one 25 minute power plate class and an event this evening where my will power will probably be tested again with food and alcohol on offer!

No cupcakes for me!

ahhhh so yes! I decided to start my juices later today so I finished later. I had my first juice at 10am and last around 8pm (ish); timings went a little astray around the 4pm mark when I had my class scheduled. I think not sticking to the two hours exactly left me a little bloated but thats nothing a cuppa pepermint tea can’t solve!

Also, the event, yup…alcohol and food on offer. But I remained strong! I did sniff a (miniature) burger but there was no real aroma coming off of it! haha!

To be honest, right now, I feel kinda amazing! …here are the benefits (as written by Soulmate Food themselves)…

No1 – Detox Breakfast
This juice is high in antioxidants which increases immunity and protects against free radical damage (ageing to you and me)
Vitamin A – which is a potent antioxidant and also helps increase moisture in the skin
Vitamin B – increases energy, aids digestion, and improves nervous system function
Vitamin C – powerful antioxidant and increases the immune system
High in pectin – a natural laxative, great for getting toxins out of the body
Ginger – has antibacterial properties and gastrointestinal relief

No2 – Vitality
Pineapple has great digestive aiding properties
Banana is a great source of electrolytes
Coconut packed with electrolytes, full of bioactive enzymes that aid digestion

No3 – Berry Active
High in antioxidants to increase immune function and protect against free radical damage
High in bioflavonoids that improve circulation

No4 – Tropical
Vitamin A – potent antioxidant and also helps increase moisture in the skin
Vitamin B – increases energy, aid digestion, and improve nervous system function
Vitamin C – powerful antioxidant, increases the immune system
High in pectin – a natural laxative
Mangos reduce acidity in the gut and improve digestion, reduces cholesterol and are high in iron

No5 – Earth
High in antioxidants
Great source of copper which aids thyroid gland function and the way the body utilizes iron

No6 – Nutrilicious
Great source of fibre to aid gastrointestinal health
Vitamin C – powerful antioxidant, increases immune system
Bananas are a good source of potassium which will help maintain hydration

So, what are your thoughts?! …Have you ever tried a juice cleanse?! or something similar?! …any advice for me?!

Elle 😉 x




  1. Carrie
    September 13, 2013 / 12:19

    How bad were the GI symptoms? I am so afraid of doing these as I feel I will be strapped to a bathroom!!

    • Elle Linton
      September 13, 2013 / 22:17

      Hey Carrie 🙂 …that is a very good question! …I was fully prepared for being strapped to the bathroom…as was my housemate! lol …but in fact there was nothing out of the ordinary! …obviously I was lucky, and others may not tolerate it so well! …drinking a lot of water did have me popping to the bathroom often though… 😉

  2. Lauren (@poweredbyPB)
    September 6, 2013 / 09:14

    I've done a few 5 and 7 day juice cleanses in the past and I've always felt amazing during and after. My last one I ran 30 miles during the week of doing it, I couldn't believe how easy I found it! Sounds like you are doing great!

    • Elle Linton
      September 6, 2013 / 10:30

      Same here…I think when they suggest light exercise they are catering to those that probably don't exercise in the first place 🙂 …I can't believe how fast the 5 days is going 🙂 …only 1.5 days to go!

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