Kitchen Empties #1

I follow a few beauty bloggers / make up artists and one of my favourite style of posts they do is their “empties” where they chat about all the products that have finished in their beauty cabinet. I’m not a beauty blogger, and even so, I don’t have enough “smellies” to create such a post …but what I do, do, is eat a lot of food. A LOT. So I decided to save some my my kitchen empties and share them with you if I especially loved them. Welcome to #1.

MyProtein* (USA / UK)

I got a little MyProtein haul delivered a few weeks ago and one of the first things to finish was this packet of beef jerky. I’ve tried (and loved) turkey jerky in the past but this would be my first time trying the beef version. I munched this 50g bag as a snack at only 133kcal and 25g of protein per packet.  Absolutely loved the flavour and chewiness of it; at £2.49 per bag (plus MP always have good offers on) you can’t really go wrong!


Exante are a brand that I had seen around but thought they weren’t for me because I saw the word diet. They’re actually under the same umbrella company of MyProtein so I had a little read up about them to find out that they’re not just about weight loss, they also have products to support weight management and a healthy lifestyle in general. I tried out a couple of their ready meals (amongst other things) – 5 Bean Vegetarian Chilli (£3.50) and Tuna Pasta (£3.50). The meals were enough to satiate me (I used them both as packed lunches for work over Christmas while I was staying in the hotel) but I couldn’t help dressing up the chilli with some protein cheese and a packet of crushed Popchips Mature Cheddar & Onion!

PhD Woman*

I wrote about the the two week starter pack from PhD Woman just a couple of weeks ago (The Protein Guide). This Caramel Crunch meal replacement bar was part of the pack and it got used in place of breakfast one morning when I was in a rush. It surprisingly did keep me until my next meal (I just didn’t look at the calories as I think it’s all in the mind – if I think the calories are too low I’ll get hungry quicker?!). The second bar was used as a pre-breakfast on a morning I had a 5am alarm and kept me going for a few hours until I had my second breakfast around 9am.

Rude Health*

In my quest a long time ago to find the silkiest almond milk, I discovered Rude Health. I did accidentally use this Almond Drink while on Whole30 once before realising it contains brown rice too! Rude Health have however recently launched their Ultimate Almond Milk made from just almonds and water so perfect for when I choose to do a Whole30 again and am too lazy to use my Vitamix to make my own! Rude Health were also awesome enough to support me for my first Borrow My // Blender event back in December which you can read about here!

This little collection here is basically what got me through the holidays! There’s now a little corner in my kitchen dedicated to empties and right now it seems to be getting piled high with snacks… therefore, you know whats coming next time, right?!

What have been your favourite “finds and finished” products recently?! 

Elle 🙂 


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p.s products with a *, I received complimentary either for review or just by chance (yes, this happens!) but as always all opinions are my very own! 


  1. Andreea Sandu
    January 26, 2016 / 08:42

    I'm in a quest for finding good vegan cheeses. And even though I've finished quite a few already, I'm still searching… I have my doubts about them. Same with Quorn, I tried them all, but eating fake food just because it looks like meat? Meh…

    • Elle Linton
      January 26, 2016 / 10:13

      Interesting, didn't know there was even such a thing as vegan cheese! I think if I were vegan, I wouldn't be able to hack fake cheese! It's one of those all or nothing for me! haha! I'm lactose intolerant but I can cope with some cheese every now and again thankfully! …good luck on the vegan cheese quest though 🙂 …oh, nutritional yeast has always worked for a cheesy flavour for vege / vegan dishes in my experience?!

  2. Majean G
    January 21, 2016 / 12:51

    I like your kitchen empties. Must try Rude Health almond milk…thanks for that!www.majeang.com

    • Elle Linton
      January 26, 2016 / 10:10

      Thanks Majean! …Hope you like the milk if you get to try it! 🙂

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