Kitchen Empties #4: My Morning Routine

Back at the start of 2016, I started this Kitchen Empties series. I got the idea from the beauty bloggers and make up artists I follow who all do these posts with their “empties” chatting about all the products that have finished in their beauty cabinet.

I’m not a beauty blogger, and even so, I don’t have enough “smellies” to create such a post …but what I do, do, is eat a lot of food. A LOT. So I decided to save some my my kitchen empties and share them with you if I especially loved them. Here is #4, picking up from from Holland & Barrett edition in March.

For this post, I have a few items that have become a part of my morning routine, which is something I have been trying to master for a while. I started with a simple task of starting every morning with a full glass of water and have taken it from there…

Revive Active* 

Well, if it’s good enough for Paula Radcliffe (she is an ambassador) then it’s good enough for me. That was my thinking when I decided to try this daily supplement. I had kinda hoped it would be in a pill form but when I realised it came as a powder sachet which needed to be added to water first thing in the morning I realised it would just be another way to remember to start my day with water.

Another reason it caught my eye was that it contained L-Glutamine which is a supplement I have talked about previously and was just thinking I should get back to taking it; I figured having it in this supplement left me one less thing to think about.

The supplement actually contains 26 active, performance boosting ingredients in total, in each sachet, encompassing your full daily dose of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Now, I’m not a huge fan of the flavour but it is palatable…

I drink it really fast to help combat the issue! So Paula credits Revive Active for helping keep her energy at optimum levels, and preventing her from getting sick despite her busy lifestyle… and I really can’t say different to be honest as (touch wood) I’ve not been sick and have survived my massively long days and busy schedule!

Better You Magnesium Oil Spray Original* [shop it on Amazon here]

I think I first ever got this spray in a goody bag and recently picked up another (large) bottle. It literally is a life saver if you’re used to tired and sore muscles.

As well as using it in the evening after a workout, I also use it in the morning directly in the areas of muscle that feel sore and tight as it naturally relaxes muscles.

Even for things like when you sleep funny and have a sore neck in the morning (which I’m suffering from right now) and its hard to move your head and relax but that is exactly what you need to do to help recover… well, this is magic.

Botanic Lab Isotonic Refuel Drink*

So, I know you see the word refuel and think how can I be refuelling after a heavy session in the morning?! Well, incase you missed the memo, I started teaching bright and early on Thursday mornings at Frame in Shoreditch. I teach two classes back to back so when I finish it is still on 830am… and they are pretty darned hard sessions as I actually do the classes (albeit on lighter weights).

Anyway, this cold-pressed juice contains charcoal, raw cane juice and Yuzu fruit… all things that I’m like, what?! But what I do know, is it tastes damn good. It also contains salt and lemon so your tongue literally does not know what is going on it your mouth!

It’s kinda like a gentle detox being high in vitamin c, plus charcoal binds with toxins to speedily eliminate them from your body (…not that I’d know, but it sounds like a good hangover cure too, huh?!). You can get the juice as part of various ‘cleanses’ from Botanic Lab as well as various retailers in and around London Town.

What have been your favourite “found and finished” products recently?! 



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p.s products with a *, I received complimentary either for review or just by chance (like in a goody bag, which I probably have said!) but as always all opinions are my very own! ...and the biggest testament to these products are that I ate them and finished them! lol ;) x  


  1. Courtney Bentley || http://www.courtneyvioletbentley.com
    April 11, 2017 / 03:49

    great post! loving the idea of the magnesium spray for soreness! thanks girlie! Courtney Bentley || http://www.courtneyvioletbentley.com

    • Elle Linton
      November 16, 2017 / 16:29

      Thanks for stopping by Courtney! Somehow just stumbled across your comment! I can't love without magnesium spray now! lol ..also have the tablets and a powder for post workout! haha!

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