Kitchen Empties #5: Spring Eats & Drinks

Back at the start of 2016, I started this Kitchen Empties series. I got the idea from the beauty bloggers and make up artists I follow who all do these posts with their “empties” chatting about all the products that have finished in their beauty cabinet. I’m not a beauty blogger, and even so, I don’t have enough “smellies” to create such a post …but what I do, do, is eat a lot of food. A LOT. So I decided to save some my my kitchen empties and share them with you if I especially loved them. Here is #5, a little round up from April / May 2017.

For this post, I have a few items that I’ve come across, new launches and even an old favourite… but a new spin! So make yourself a cuppa tea (my all time favourite regular tea is Tetley Decaf!) and a bar of chocolate (I’m eating a high protein one from MyProtein which I got in a goody bag at Be:Fit in exchange for my email address!)… and maybe discover something new?!

Califia Farms Cold Brew Coffee and Barista Blend Almondmilk*

So these guys are new to the UK (launched in April ’17) but are already a household name state side and being a dairy free household and a huge fan of coffee, I had to give these a try! The cold brew coffee is ready to drink so I literally poured it into a mason jar, and added the same parts of the almond milk to make a chilled morning brew …(because a couple weeks ago we had weather which resembled Spring / Summer, remember?!). Some mornings I had it unsweetened and other mornings I added sugar free vanilla FlavDrops to make it feel a little more indulgent. I’ve been a fan of cold brew since it took off last summer (or was it the one before?!) …it is much less acidic than hot-brewed coffee and offers more antioxidants. Califia Farms uses 100% Arabica beans, sourced from Columbia and Central America, which it steeps in cold water until all the complex flavours are released.

The almond milk got used for tea, baking (keep an eye out for a recipe I’ll be sharing soon!), smoothies…. basically everything. It doesn’t separate in hot drinks which is a winner for me and the consistency makes for a smooth latte. The almond milk and cold brew coffee are available in WholeFoods but they’ll be launching a bigger range of products at the end of May, nationwide.

Oomi Noodles*

Somehow these guys have made high protein noodles out of white fish?! …yeah they have, and they don’t taste half bad. Now I didn’t even read what they were made of until I read someone else review (cos you know I’m vegan(ish) but I do eat fish on occasion and sometimes I just need cheese in my life) but by this point I’d already eaten them and enjoyed them. They literally take a couple minutes in a pan or up to a minute in the microwave… which was my default option for 3 out of 4 meals. After microwaving them I’d throw on some sesame seed oil, soy sauce and top with whatever else I was having (…including grilled salmon and heck chicken sausages, because yes, I love them). Obviously the texture isn’t 100% like regular noodles but then high protein anything isn’t ever the same texture… if you want high protein foods / lower carbs then that is the sacrifice you have to make but these really don’t feel like that much of a sacrifice. Check out the Oomi Noodles website for more info!

Aussie Body Bars* 

Apparently these are a big deal in Australia and are also new here in the UK. I got to try out their Crunch and Mini ProteinFX Bar range… and well, I’ve eaten them all. According to their IG, their bars are designed to keep you going and to stay fuller for longer; I ate them all when I was either in a rush (so hello tube breakfast) or when I needed a snack / post workout snack. None of them went down in my memory as tasting awful so that’s a good sign. I do remember particularly liking the Mini ProteinFX Bar in a caramel kinda flavour… salted caramel. I didn’t get sent quite as big a stash as Zanna so I’m all out but should I need an emergency snack I’d defo consider them in the line up at Boots, Superdrug and wherever else they are stocked…

Emily Fruit Crisps*

I feel like these are healthy… unless you’re me, and you just throw the entire packet into your mouth in one go?! …I’ve tried these before – the banana chips – and loved them because they’re some of the only ones on the market that don’t add sugar to something that is naturally sweet (I’m looking at you Holland & Barrett!). These make the perfect snack as they’re actually crunchy… as opposed to just being dried fruit which makes a good porridge topping. The pineapple pictured above is lush too… cos I love pineapple. They recently launched some vegetable crisps which I am currently munching my way through (and I ate half the stand samples at Be:Fit, sorry!) so I’m sure that they will pop up in my next Kitchen Empties…

What have been your favourite “found and finished” products recently?! 

Elle 🙂

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p.s products with a *, I received complimentary either for review or just by chance (like in a goody bag, which I probably have said!) but as always all opinions are my very own! …and the biggest testament to these products are that I ate them and finished them! lol 😉 x



  1. bethan
    May 12, 2017 / 11:04

    The salted caramel Aussie Bodies Mini ProteinFX bars are awesome! They don't taste half bad, and are just the right size for a chocolate/caramel hit that'll actually keep you going 🙂

    • Elle Linton
      October 10, 2017 / 10:41

      Yaaaas I really enjoyed them! …haven't seen them in the shops though! …maybe I haven't looked hard enough lol

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