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Over the past few months, each morning I wake up to about 5 new Nike+ friend requests. At first I thought it was through my blog, which would be lovely. With a few weeks of feeling low and reduced training, I was finding that I had been relegated to the bottom of my own Nike+ leader board…being trashed by people I didn’t even know!

I don’t mind making friends over social networks…but if you’re gonna add me, please say “hi”! Let me know who you are! I put my concerns out there, and it seems I’m not alone! Although some friends accepted the requests, others didn’t. So I chose to start again, keep just those that I know and communicate with! I mean, what’s the use of 200+ Nike+ friends if its just my faithful few who cheer me on while running?! 

Whilst thinking about this, my mid started to wander on how the running app could work better for me. I thought back to a couple of weeks ago when I did a sprints session. I recorded the session using the app but could get no useful information from it as I hadn’t chosen to stop the app after every sprint and start again for the next one. 

sprint session

sprint session

With interval training being such an important part of any runners schedule, why doesn’t the app cater for this?!

Even something simple, like, I choose…

>Distance Run 


>1min run / 2min walk

A sound and voice alert could be used to inform you of times. Previously I’ve had to rely on either spending my run focusing on looking at my arm to check the time or using a separate stopwatch which I still have to check. 

That’s a real simple version. It could include things like, you choose your distance run, and add the option of 50m sprints at random intervals. Keeps your training fresh…keeps your body on its toes, improves your speed, and works on your anaerobic capacity. Whilst giving your brain a chance to just focus on your run…


What do you think of my suggestion?! …how could the Nike+ app work better for you?! 

…maybe you use a different, more functional app…tell me about it in the comments! 

Elle 😉 


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