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Isn’t it a real sad feeling when an event you’ve been excited for comes and goes?! ..I’m lucky I get to relive it all here with you 🙂 …

On Saturday 14th September, I attended the eagerly anticipated Glöanna Yoga Run at Battersea Park. After the fab write up by Sharon in June (read here) expectations were high!


The event was set to be a 5km run followed by a yoga class; perfect combination in my eyes! The organisers were very clear about what we should expect from the event…

1. Gloanna is not about your PB.

There will be no timing. We want you to appreciate the people and beautiful sights of Battersea Park, not be elbowed out of the way. Besides, it’s hard to be fully engaged in yoga when you are worried that you should have shaved off a couple of more seconds during your run.

2. Gloanna is a community, not a competition.

There are plenty of races you can enter and compare 5k times after. But you’ve decided to buy into something different. You’ll see it in many elements from the start line and running bibs to the yoga session that we are building a community and you will be an integral part of that.

3. Communities look after each of their members. So do we.

If you like us on Facebook you’ll see that we get our kicks out of fun, silly things that bring a smile to people’s faces. By signing up to Gloanna we guess you’re somewhat similar, so say hi to that person standing next to you, you might just make their day.

and I was more than happy with this 😉 …this is how it went down…

This is a sign 

The Good:
I signed up for the 9.30am wave and we started running AT 9.30am after a cheeky shot of Prosecco! Picking up my race bib and t-shirt , dropping off my bag was kinda a breeze…from my point of view! I did see and hear of queues for those with later start times. 

my race bib

The vibe at the ‘event village’ was friendly, happy and laid-back…perfect for a Saturday morning! And the mostly female crowd seemed happy enough considering the weather was not exactly what any of us had hoped for! My friend GlöKatie even managed to sneak in a cheeky neck and shoulder massage (although I’m not sure she was so pleased with the results!)

Katie getting her massage on

The route itself was two laps around a section of the park; it’s not the section with the best views but I was too busy chatting with GlöKatie to even worry about that! Therefore, that tells you that we really took our times…and enjoyed the run rather than pushing to hit a certain time (oh, but of course we still logged our run on Nike+).

which way now?!

the start line



Nike+ screenshot

The route was adorned with Glö style signs which really made me giggle! That, and the very happy route marshals giving out high fives meant I kept smiling the entire way! Once we made it round one lap and realised it wasn’t so bad, the second lap was enjoyable (almost)!!

this is a sign too 



After the run, we had a little peek around the event village and said hi to WheyHey ice cream, Bounce (natural energy bars), Whole Foods, Vita Coco and Fiji Water all before we hit up the yoga class!

finish line

WheyHey freezer

I opted for vanilla…first…

love this water…

vita coco tent

Thankfully class was split into beginners and intermediate / advanced. I’d normally put myself at intermediate but after a full on couple of days exercising I thought the safe bet would be beginners! It was actually quite refreshing to regress back to some of the easier yoga moves. Sometimes you shouldn’t push yourself too hard,  just allow your body to do what it wants to or is able to at the moment.

this way to yoga

ready to start

me 🙂 pre yoga

Post yoga, it was time to refuel with the sushi I had been eagerly waiting for! It didn’t disappoint…it was more of an appetiser but I was pleased it would be able to stave off starvation until I got home at least! That and a glass of prosecco was a great way to end the event! …Eating sushi, in a deckchair, under a plastic palm tree, in the rain, with my hood up….erm…interesting!

sushi time

sushi box

Almost forgot to mention that the awesome Marawa was in attendance spinning her hoola hoops again! I took a little class with her a couple weeks ago as part of training for this here event (read here)…it’s a real good core workout, and for the serious runners amongst us, we know how important a strong core is right?!

hoola hoola 😉

The Not So Ideal:
I renamed this section…it’s normally The Bad but I think that would be against the ethos of Glöanna, don’t you think?!

I don’t think I’ve been to an event yet that didn’t have its hiccups! Eeek! There were just a couple today and to be honest, they’re no big deal. Firstly, getting our bags back was a bit higgledy piggledy but the point is, we got them back!

Oh and then maybe the fact that all of us using Nike+ realised that the race was noooooooot quuuuuuite 5,000m! Just before we hit the finish line was the point where I couldn’t be bothered anymore so the finish line was a welcome sight even if it wasn’t quite where I was expecting it! What’s 200m between friends?!

Nike+ stats post race

The Ugly:
There’s no ugly. Everything is above!

bumped into a few friends 🙂

Huge thanks to the guys at Glöanna for organising a fab event! I do believe that is it for 2013 🙁 but I know there are many of us, both who did and didn’t take part this time, who will be waiting to hear when the next event will be! 

GlöElle 😉 x


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