Life After My Masters | A Bucket List

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“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” – unknown

While I eagerly await the results of my Dissertation and essentially my overall grade for the last two years I spent studying, I’m changing my focus swiftly to all the exciting things I can do, plans I can make and places I can go. There are less than 3 months of 2019 remaining so I’m gonna put my plans down on ‘paper’ and manifest them!

October 2019

So far this month, I’ve felt just as busy as when I was working full time and studying! I enjoyed a few days in Exmouth at the very end of September and then spent a week in Cyprus soaking up the sunshine and eating good food. Here is how the rest of the month looks:

Red Bull Timelaps

Photo by Josie Copeland

So, Timelaps is my BHAG for 2019! It’s an event I’ve wanted to take part in for a couple of years but the timing just never worked, mostly because of my studies. There was no way now I’m a free woman that I was gonna turn down the opportunity to ride for 25 hours in a team of 4, huh?! Check out my Instagram over the next few weeks to see who is on my team, how training is going and then on the 26th, it’ll be the start of race day!

Now I have some time, I’m frantically trying to get organised for race day to make sure we have everything we need for a comfortable and enjoyable weekend.

Here’s my ‘shopping list’ for things I’d love to have by event weekend:

  • a dry robe
  • a 3x3m gazebo
  • roof rack for bikes
  • super bright bike lights
  • tons of nutrition / snacks
  • spare (warm) kit, including long tights, base layers, thermal jerseys, gloves

Birthday Month

It is officially my birthday month!! I never really do much other than be super grateful for seeing in another year. This year I’ve invited a few friends over for a games night which is part of a collaboration with GiffGaff. I’ve been a GiffGaff customer for as long as I can remember so will be a pleasure to spread the happiness further and wider! I’m also using it as a kinda post MSc celebration rolled into one. Keep an eye out on the blog for details and pics from the evening!

Looking After My Gut

On my quest to have clear skin, I’ve learnt how important gut health is for so many reasons. In the Summer, I decided I wanted to try Symprove as I had heard so many great things about them. It just so happened that the opportunity to work with them came up so I will start the 3 month course shortly (I waited until post holiday as the bottles are over the 100ml allowance for carry on luggage!). I will be sharing my experience and journey here on the blog so keep an eye out for that!

November 2019

Fulham 10km

While I was studying, I vowed not to run more than 5km as I didn’t have the capacity to train. I did however know that I wanted to get back to running as soon as I could after my studies and I had one eye on the Adidas City Runs Fulham 10km. This event was the last race I took part in back in November 2019 so when the opportunity came up to work with Adidas in the lead up to the race, it felt like fate.

From September onwards, you can catch me at the Women’s runs on Saturdays from the Brick Lane studio as part of a 10km training plan. The sessions are free so if you’d be interested in coming along, just get in contact, download the Adidas Running app (formerly known as Runtastic) or connect with Adidas Women via Facebook Chat.

Vuelio Online Influence Awards

When I posted my Summer Life Update, I mentioned that I was still listed in the Top 10 Exercise and Fitness blogs and was eagerly awaiting the announcement of the shortlist for Best Health & Fitness Blog for the Awards.

Well, I’m happy to announce that I have been shortlisted, albeit against 3 other very deserving nominees. It’s my second year shortlisted and will be my 3rd year attending so I’m excited to enjoy the evening and if I walk away with the award, that will be an added bonus!

December 2019

Time For A Ski Trip

It’s been too long since I’ve been skiing. I’m hoping to schedule in a visit to Chel-Ski in the next few weeks, but a few days abroad would do me good to put my skiing skills into practice.

MSc Results

I don’t actually know when my results will be shared with me but I assume some time in December. I never got around to sharing much about what I was actually studying so here are a few nuggets:

  • My course was an MSc in Management and Business Innovation
  • I studied Part Time at Birkbeck College which is part of the University of London
  • My highest mark was in my Digital and Social Media Marketing Module (are you surprised?! lol). I did a project using Facebook Groups.
  • My dissertation was a study looking at F45 Training and their franchise model
  • I used a Post Graduate Loan to fund the majority of my course
  • I enjoyed every single module I took but my stand out favourites were Strategic Management, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Digital Business and Principles of Organisation.
  • I have no intention do do a PHD


I’ve never been the biggest fan of Christmas but as I get older I seem to be enjoying it more and more! I’ve mo concrete plans for Christmas day itself yet but after attending a Christmas event this month by Aldi, I do know it will involve some very good food, lots of chocolate and great wine, at very reasonable prices. Don’t know how I never knew about the virtues of Aldi before… like, did you know they use the same suppliers as Marks and Spencers and Waitrose?! Yup.

What Does 2020 Look Like?

If I’m completely honest, I need to spend some time making some new goals to smash. I pretty much smashed what needed to be smashed so it’s now time for a refresh! Here are a few things I have in mind for the New Year:

  • Spending 4-6 weeks in Australia
  • Going on a cycling holiday
  • Get re-signed as a Liv Ambassador
  • Working full time on my blog
  • Commit to my own fitness
  • Increase my teaching (fitness) schedule again
  • Complete my Cyclocross Commissaire training
  • Start a Consulting business
  • Redecorate my flat

Although the term ‘bucket list’ is probably a bit strong for some of the things I have mentioned, they are none the less MY goals and aspirations for the near future. I’m still getting my head around not having lectures to attend or a dissertation to write though!

What does the rest of 2019 look like for you?!



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