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Like The Wind Magazine }

The perfect amalgamation of creativity and physicality.

Because, who defines what form art takes?!

Maybe running is an art and I just didn’t know?

Every story comes with a paired illustration.

A magazine by runners for runners, and all contributors being runners.

Issue 8 focused on “why you run” – a thought provoking question for me.

I don’t know why I started running; I think it’s because I knew it was a good form of exercise. I’d run all through my school years but my speciality was sprinting.

I was good at running for the bus and that was about it so I think the challenge of running 5km (at first) teased me. I wanted something to push me out of my comfort zone.

Then I upped the distance, 10km followed by an unexpected half marathon. More half marathons but that’s as far as I’m willing to do now.

I’ve only twice found the commitment needed to feel the joy of running but it still resulted in me wanting the joy of achievement (the first time to PB 10km and the second time to PB half marathon). But I felt joy; I enjoyed getting out for a run, running felt comfortable, running made me smile even when it hurt.

So it’s tough when I know how good that feels and then I run a race underprepared.

Me and running are on a little break right now it seems. Until we make up again.

I’d love to share Like The Wind Magazine with you, for the opportunity to experience everything that’s gone into this independently published collection of words.

Elle 🙂


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