London Inspired: NikeFuel Map

Walking around London is nothing new to me; especially when the weather is good…I don’t want to be stuck on a stuffy tube carriage when the sun is shining on lands surface! I recently walked from Oxford Circus to Brick Lane which is about 3.5 miles; it killed time, got me my vitamin D fix and saved me money! …Just yesterday I decided to run half of my journey home from the gym; it would mean catching (and paying) for just one bus instead of two!

In Central London especially, the stations are so close together. I pity tourists who don’t realise this and take the tube when its easier, quicker…and healthier to walk.

London Zone 1

So here Nike go again! …They have created the NikeFuel Map to inspire people in London to get off the tube and discover London by foot above the ground!


NikeFuel Map

Remember what NikeFuel is all about?!

“The ergonomic Nike+ FuelBand captures and displays four different metrics: time, calories, steps and NikeFuel – a new metric that will be the ultimate measure of your athletic activity. NikeFuel is a proprietary technology that measures your activity through the movement of your wrist. NikeFuel motivates athletes to do more with a NikeFuel score that makes movement fun, meaningful and comparable, letting you compete with athletes of all levels in most activities. The more you move, the more NikeFuel you earn, whether you’re playing basketball, throwing a Frisbee or going for a run.”

The map shows you how much NikeFuel you would earn walking between zone 1 stations.


“A pocket-sized version of the map is available in the following London Nike stores: Niketown London, Boxpark, Stratford, Covent Garden and White City.”

Even if you don’t live in London, you can do similar things in your city using this as your inspiration! Check out #MOVELDN on twitter to see what’s been going on across the town to get everyone from red to green 😉

And if you missed the post about my thoughts on how the Nike+ FuelBand could be even better then fear not…the link is here: Add (Nike)Fuel to your fire…

Have you got a Nike+ FuelBand?! Do you ever check out how much NikeFuel you earn doing certain tasks?! …or maybe you’re still considering getting one?! Leave your comments and let me know!

Elle 🙂 

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