Maintaining An Active Lifestyle – Podcast Feature

If there is one thing I’ve learnt this year, it’s that technology has the power to keep us connected. Yes, it does have some downsides, but used well, it’s powerful.

So far, I’ve managed to feature on six different podcasts from the comfort of the (really cute) desk in my bedroom and today, I’m sharing number 4 with you here.

“From shop floor to management, Elle Linton has experienced every part of the health and fitness industry, all the way up to founding one of the UK’s top fitness and exercise blogs, ‘keep it simpElle’.”


Elle joins Simone Thomas for episode 8 of Living Life Well to share her journey from an athletic adolescent to a fitness professional. We learn how Elle rediscovered her love of sport after a particularly tricky school career, her use of vision boards for defining and achieving life goals, and the power of the word ‘No’.

Listen Here:

We covered a lot in this episode, right through from my time at school, to life today. Here’s a little overview:

  • Re-assessing life goals and measuring that progress
  • The importance of supportive figures at school age
  • Sources of motivation
  • Embracing change
  • The positive impact of training
  • Taking time to work on yourself

Other Podcasts I’ve Featured On:

As we’ve just entered October, it’s probably pertinent that I spoke about Red Bull Timelaps with Simone. It’s the one event I had planned on taking on this year. It turns out that the 2020 event will be going ahead, but virtually and I’m not the biggest fan of virtual events…

“I get my motivation from external sources. So knowing that I have to turn up to an event with my team and – I say ‘perform’, that’s a strong word – but ride, it’s that motivator that I need” – Elle Linton – 24:18-24:35

…but, my team may have found a way around that so stat tuned for the full details soon.

When you’ve had a listen, please leave a comment below or on my social channels to let me know what you think. 

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