Spa London: Make Mine A Gym & Tonic

My life, in the context of this post, could be described as all gym and no tonic. I remember the first time I ever had to physically relax, January 2014, and found it impossible. I’m programmed to activate my muscles so switching off seemed like a skill outside of my grasp.

I’m also not one to indulge in massages, treatments and such. I’ve had two massages that I can remember off hand; one sports massage (a gift when I left a job) and another massage from a (qualified) friend. Then if you count Physiotherapy as massage, well, countless this year!

When I was invited along to Spa London to review their facilities, I jumped at the chance. Spa London are a small chain of affordable spas based in London where the concept is to provide affordable luxury. With all of their locations being based in Leisure Centres they came up with a special body treatment designed for the post-workout body and many of our visitors come along after they’ve been to the gym or for a swim – meet ‘Gym & Tonic’. 

I went along on my day off to their East London Spa in Bethnal Green and managed to squeeze in the chance to try the Spa’s thermal facilities which is set in one of London’s oldest Turkish Baths, including a hammam, steam room, sauna, plunge pool and relaxation lounge before my treatment. 

Thermal Spa Facilities 

Included in the session was complimentary use of a robe, towel and footwear (no outdoor shoes past reception). Being a complete newbie to all this, after getting changed I had to pop back out to reception and request an idiots guide. One of the Front of House Team was kind enough to then just give me a quick tour and explain everything.

I had an hour before my treatment; I spent about 5 minutes in the hammam, 10 minutes in a sauna (then showered), 5 minutes in a citrus smelling sauna (then showered) before I just put my feet up in the relaxation lounge and had a read of RED magazine while munching a pear and sipping on fruit infused water. This IS the life, right?!

I think if I was to do this part of the experience again, I’d love to be with friends. Not even to chat, just to have that moral support as it was quite a male dominated environment.

Cost: Non Members £25 for 3 hour session


Gym & Tonic Treatment

Designed for the post workout body, the back is lightly brushed and exfoliated, then calmed with a deep tension-releasing, aromatherapy massage. A warm algae mask soothes aches & pains, while the legs and feet are treated to a relaxing massage. This exceptional treatment leaves the mind clear, body relaxed and skin soft, smooth and revitalised. 

I was lucky enough to be booked in with Helen, one of the Senior Spa Therapists for my treatment. She kindly explained to me what the session involved before leaving me to get prepared. The paragraph I copied and pasted above pretty much sums up what went on better than I ever could! 


I enjoyed the treatment for a number of reasons; one being that I no longer own a back brush so I never get to exfoliate my back properly. I have no idea what my back even looks like! The back scrub also includes the backs of the tops of your arms which I know is a trouble spot for a lot of people. Then, I’ve never had a foot massage in my life, so I was keen to know if I would enjoy this part; I did. The whole experience was so relaxing, I’m not sure if I fell asleep at any point but my breathing got so relaxed I almost “woke myself up snoring” at a couple of points. 


Before I knew it, I was turned over sipping on fruit infused water again ready to head off into the day (evening actually, I had a swimming lesson). 


Would I go again?! I would definitely have the treatment again. At £59 for the 50 minute session I think you get good value for money. After a month focusing on EXPERIENCE in May, I am more understanding of the long term benefits of spending money on experiences rather than things. I didn’t take a single picture, I didn’t have my phone on me for almost two hours and I loved it. 


{For more information on Spa London visit www.spa-london.org}

What’s your favourite way to relax or wind down after a workout?! 


Elle 🙂 



  1. Coco
    June 8, 2015 / 11:46

    I usually get massages aimed at undoing knots and sore spots, so they aren't really that relaxing while they are happenning! On the other hand, a nice pedicure with a bubbly soak and foot massage is awesome.

    • Elle Linton
      June 8, 2015 / 18:27

      haha! I think I could even fall asleep during a sports massage! ..maybe! lol …yeah I think we sometimes forget how to properly relax cos we NEVER seem to switch off!

  2. Carla Birnberg
    June 8, 2015 / 10:16

    I don't do enough of this kind of stuff. And my back definitely shows it :-)I need tomakemassage a priority. I am worth it 🙂

    • Elle Linton
      June 8, 2015 / 18:26

      YES! That's just it! We ARE worth it 🙂 x

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