Margot vs Lily – The Series (Episode One)

When the New Year came in, Nike Women marked the occasion with their mini drama series, Margot vs Lily. All about two sisters who have a bet. But the thing is, when I watched the series (I only actually got up to Episode 5 – I have some catching up to do) I realised that some of the issues they brushed upon in the 5 minute videos were actually really serious issues and very thought provoking.

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The Goals: 

Margot: to get 1000k subscribers on a fitness youtube channel

Lily: to acquire 3 real friends

Episode 1 – Resolutions

The first episode in the series starts off by clarifying how one sister is black yet the other is white. Highlighting not just adoption, but interracial families all in one hit. Then they make it so ordinary with the obvious sibling rivalry (I’m an only child, does this happen?!), personality clashes (creative vs sporty) and parents having favourites. No one talks about these things, do they?!

For me, two of the biggest themes in this episode is the place of online vs  real life relationships. With social media being a big part of our daily lives, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish who are your actual friends. The boundaries have changed for methods of communication. I mean, is a Facebook status really the way to communicate big news to your actual friends?!

image from Nike Women FB

Not only is it an interesting concept about friendships made on social media but the reality that it’s actually very difficult to make friendships as an adult. Plaiting another girls …woman’s hair is no longer a legitimate way to decide that someone is your girl for life, eh?!

My own personal experience is that, I’m not the person who is always arranging catch ups although more recently I certainly do try harder! I typically work the hours that my friends in 9-5 jobs have off which makes it difficult to find a mutually convenient time. As for making friends as an adult; I can certainly relate to that. I’m not longer friends with the group of girls I was ten years ago; when you grow older, it seems that it’s possible to have different goals for life which your friends may not necessarily share. The process of losing friends is one of grieving, however, when you meet new people who share your passion then friendships are even more fulfilling. For me, not having been born in London, I’ll never have “that friend” who has known me since I was 3 years old, But y’know what, a good friend doesn’t need to have known me my whole life… 

What are your thoughts on the topics covered in Episode One?! 

Elle 🙂


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