Method in this madness?! FRAME Method Class

Now that I am finished this class and on my way home, I feel amazing; exhilarated in fact. Couldn’t say the same for during!
The blurb read that Method was a mix of yoga, Pilates and barre work. That is true; very true. We began with 2 sets of dumbbells; one light (2kg) and one heavy (3kg). The warm up consisted of lots of knee lifts and arm swings in every direction imaginable before we moved onto a challenging arm routine using said dumbbells. This hammered home to me what I already know; I need to do more upper body work! I had to give up with my “heavy” weights and use the lighter ones! Don’t judge me!

From here we moved to the barre with our Pilates ball and strap in tow. Hmmm, now ball between knees, heels together and toes out. Sounds easy?! Now up onto your toes and then squat down, repeatedly! And…pulse!

Once we had set our glutes on fire from the barre work we moved onto some floor work with the strap, then a cushion and more with the ball. We did stretches throughout the class, at key moments where they were really (REALLY) needed! Class ended with some downward dog and great stretches.
I can smile now, at the memories of how hard I worked, but some exercises required closing of the eyes and deep breathing to make it through…4…3…2….1….collapse!

My outfit

There was not one part of my body that didn’t get a workout during those 60 minutes so I will definitely be back! I wanted “me” time in a workout and I got it!

Oh and did I mention that I finally got to rock my outfit from the personal shopping experience that I won through FRAME in July?! Heck, I rocked it!

Elle 🙂 x

Extra info: Class took place on monday evening, starting at 5.30pm for 60 minutes. No shoes required for this class. Impact is very low. I earned about 400 Nike Fuel points which is not bad for a strength and toning session. Class cost approx £15.


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