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As part of being a Sweat Pink Ambassador you write a post about your ‘aha’ moment! Trying to pin it down to one moment for me I think is impossible so I’m gonna try to remember all the moments which added up to one bigger aha moment and share it here with you first.

Lets take a ride all the way back to primary school! 

P.E and Me… The Primary Years

In primary school I loved PE (Physical Education) and especially loved sports day! In my final year I came joint first overall with my biggest sporting rival at school! Taking home that trophy was a defining moment of my early years. 

I then moved on to secondary school where it seemed that PE just wasn’t the same! Mostly due to the teachers…there was a lot of favouritism and talk in the staff room. I lost all motivation for PE when I became anaemic and no one really cared!

My High School Years

In my later secondary years I was denied a place on THE school trip of the year which was PE based. It was devastating especially as there seemed to be no real reason as to why I was not allowed to go! This, amongst other factors made me realise I would never achieve highly if I stayed at this school so I investigated other options for sixth form.

I came across Catherham Sixth Form which was also in the process of becoming a sports specialist college or something of the likes! I had no intention of studying PE at A level as I hadn’t done it at GCSE but I went along to the introduction with friends and was captivated! …I had a huge passion for science, for sport and for the arts and PE would allow me to combine all three! …I signed on the dotted line! 

I loved the new school! The teachers were fantastic and supported me all the way through! I remember doing a dance module where I chose to choreograph a routine to Justin Timberlake, Cry Me A River. I then had to perform that routine to external examiners and my fellow students from schools across the Borough! Ha! 

Studying Sport & Exercise Science at University

I wanted this all to continue so I studied Sport and Exercise Science at University. By this point, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t the sportiest girl in the world; in fact I wasn’t sporty at all!

I was just there for the science! As I progressed through my degree course it became evident that sport wasn’t for me but I did enjoy the exercise side of things so I decided to graduate in Exercise Science.

Up until my third year I had no idea what jobs would be at the end of the course until I completed a Personal, Professional Development module where I had to go out in the community and volunteer.

I came across a walk leader programme close to my home. I trained up as a walk leader and attended walks with groups of retired men and women across Essex. It’s there that I learnt about the world of Sport Development. 

Starting My Career in Physical Activity

After I graduated, I was lucky enough to get a job straight away working with a Leisure Trust. They looked after all the sports and exercise facilities and programmes in the Borough of Bromley.

It was during this time though that I realised my course was so theoretical, even though it was all based on Exercise I had no idea about the practical side of things! How to actually train somebody! 

I took out a Career Development Loan and enrolled on a Level 2 Fitness Instructor course right away! …it’s funny though, as by then, I still don’t think I was a particularly active person! 

I think things changed in my next job when I met individuals who inspired me! It was what I learnt just from conversations that made me want to be active…as a long term plan rather than a solution to any particular problems. I also started to be more adventurous with food; I wasn’t known for eating vegetables!

And I loved crisps and chocolate! …I started to enjoy healthier options and to seek out more knowledge. My job came with a free gym membership so I started going to the gym and attending classes quickly realising how much I enjoyed all this! Not long after, I signed up for my Exercise to Music qualification and the rest is history really! 

I did as many relevant qualifications on the side of my full time job as possible and took opportunities wherever they were available. One of my first regular classes was Nike Training Club at London South Bank University. My next was a group of mums down the road from my office. They inspired me to complete my Ante and Post Natal qualification which I did last year! 

Here I Am…

So here I am…just an ordinary girl! As a Personal Trainer, should my story be more “I’ve done this all my life”?! I don’t think so! I feel my unique selling point is the fact that I’m just like everybody else. I’ve been where everyone else has been…I know how it feels to not want to exercise but I fight that each and everyday just like everyone else!

My quirk is my knowledge; the knowledge that I love to share. The inspiration I get from sharing my knowledge then inspires me to keep going. I also know myself, my personality; this helps me to ensure I stay on track. I love trying new things so I ensure I do so regularly. I enjoy training with people and on my own so I make sure this happens! 

Telling me I can’t do sometime spurs me on to prove otherwise. So those teachers that didn’t give me the time of day…I wonder what they would say now?! 

What’s your story?! Feel free to leave your story / thoughts / comments in the comments section below or the link to your blog post sharing your journey to now…





  1. Jennifer Pug Pug
    August 28, 2013 / 14:36

    What an incredible journey. I love your perspective that it doesn't matter that you haven't been active your whole life but you are now. So awesome that your passion for the science led you to where you are. Enjoy the journey ahead!

    • Elle Linton
      August 29, 2013 / 13:31

      Thanks Jenny 🙂 …I fully intend on enjoying the journey ahead! x

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